Newspaper Interview Sheet, Describe America

Newspaper Interviews Printable, Describe America in Three Words

The boys have always been interested in the United States, probably because we live here. To give them an experience interviewing folks, I have created a newspaper page for describing the USA in three words. The activity starts by printing out the Interview Sheet.. Remember, click the image preview for the fullsize printable versions.

Newspaper Interview Sheet, Describe America

Use the interview sheet to conduct the interviews, or just use it for inspiration in coming up with your own questions. Find three people to interview. I think I’m going to encourage the boys to choose people from different age groups. For example, their paternal grandmother (who was born in the 30s), their maternal grandfather (born in the 50s) and someone from my age group (born in the late 70s/early 80s). Conduct your interviews using the interview sheet to record the answers from people.

Then, print out the newspaper article page which will be your final draft.

Newspaper Printable, Describe America in 3 Words

Use this template to make your newspaper article, or for inspiration in creating your own template. The newspaper article has two columns. On the left, you find places to fill in answers from the people you interviewed. The entries are each slightly different.. so take a good look before you fill them in. For example, if one of your interviewees could only think of one or two words but gave a good reason why they chose the word, you can use the #2 spot for them. If someone had a lot to say about the historical event they remember, you can use the #1 spot for them.

The second column is for you to explore your own descriptions of the USA. Fill this side in with your own thoughts, feelings and drawings of things as you see them.

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