Skate it or Hang it? Museum of Design Atlanta

Skate it or Hang it? Skateboard Art at Museum of Design Atlanta

Skate it or Hang it? Museum of Design Atlanta


The boys and I had a fantastic time scoping out some modern, and old school, skateboard art at Museum of Design Atlanta. My brother was a, “skater,” in the 90s and I had lots of skater friends.. so, this exhibit was like a trip on Mr. Peabody’s, “Wayback Machine.” The museum itself, only holds one exhibit at a time and the, “Skate it or Hang it?” exhibit will continue through Oct 27th. My 9 & 10 year olds loved the offbeat graphic art presented on hundreds of skateboards hanging in the gallery. They even added their own flair to a skateboard, being used by visitors to the exhibit; & came home to paint & draw skulls, which were an abundant feature in the artwork. MODA, the museum’s nickname, is crisp and clean and the background music is a trip down memory lane. We thought anyone who enjoys skateboarding,  graphic artwork with a non-conformity feel, or just looking for something new and different would like the exhibit. However, beware of a few pieces which may be inappropriate for your youngsters. Get the KNOW Before You Go at Expedition Mom. Here’s my son’s take, along with some photos from the exhibit:



In the exhibit, we learned that Skateboard Art began with skaters adding their own designs to the “decks,” of their skateboard. That evolved into companies providing decks designed by artists. You can design your own skateboard deck by purchasing a blank deck for just $20 from or print this template. Click image for fullsize printable!

Design a Deck

Before or after your visit to the exhibit, check out Swift-Cantrell Park in Kennesaw for their “Skate Park,” and give skating a try! Here’s a video, from vimeo user John Willis, of some skaters at Swift-Cantrell. (Address: 3140 Old 41 Hwy. Kennesaw GA)

Here are the parts of a skateboard:

Parts of a Skateboard


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