Homemade Gift Boxes

Homemade Gift Boxes Template

Homemade Gift BoxesMake your own small gift boxes using cardstock & this printable template. This template is blank, so you can decorate the outside by painting, drawing, or stamping it. But, it’s really just a template so you can learn how to do this. After you get the hang of it, you can print out any pretty pattern on your cardstock and make a gift box using that! Below, you’ll find the blank practice template and under that… a couple patterns for holiday boxes.

Above each of the below PDF files, you see some tools that look like this:

<– click the little black box on the far left to open in a new window and print.


2 sheets of card stock
glue or tape

Just follow the instructions on the template!

Homemade Gift Box Template

Gift Box Patterns

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