Do It Yourself Marshmallow Wars!

Marshmallow Shooters & Catapults are an excellent, inexpensive substitute for Nerf guns!

First, I made this label for the package. It is designed to print in portrait style on a 4×6 sheet of photo paper.

Click Image to view full size and print label on 4×6 photo paper
Marshmallow Shooter from Thrifty and Thriving

I found these great instructions for purchasing, cutting and compiling the right sized pieces of PVC pipe for the shooters. This sort of lets the kids put them together themselves and experiment with different ways to put them together. Click here to view instructions for the Marshmallow Shooters.


Marshmallow Catapult from Baker Co 4-H

Don’t forget that Marshmallow Catapults are just as cool and a great addition to this gift. You can make marshmallow catapults using popsicle sticks and rubberbands. Click here for instructions.

Include a bag of mini-marshmallows and you have yourself a very cool gift for kid, even the grownup ones.

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