Month: December 2012

Rock & Sock Creature Kit

Rock & Sock Creature Kits

This is a cute little gift that most crafty mommas could throw together in a few minutes. A Rock & Sock creature kit is a collection of scraps and supplies you need to create aContinue reading

Do It Yourself Marshmallow Wars!

Marshmallow Shooters & Catapults are an excellent, inexpensive substitute for Nerf guns! First, I made this label for the package. It is designed to print in portrait style on a 4×6 sheet of photo paper.Continue reading

December Nature Journal

My Nature Journal, for December, will concentrate on the Geminid Meteor Shower and the Winter Solstice. In this “Issue,” 1. Winter Solstice 2. Geminid Meteor Shower 3. Constellations – Make your Own Star Wheel 4.Continue reading

Homemade Ornaments

This post is going to be ongoing. I’m simply going to update it as we make more homemade ornaments throughout the month. Instead of decorating our tree all at one time, we decided to putContinue reading