Superhero Changing Bag with Ribbon Rings & Wands

I saw these two separate crafts, for kids.. a “Superhero Costume” and “Ribbon Rings,” and thought they could be combined into one cool gift! They’re both super easy to make and could provide hours of fun.

Let’s start with a super simple, no-sew super hero mask. All you need is some felt and ribbon. Click for tutorial from “Kinderpendent.”

Click Image for Tutorial from “Kinderpendent”

Then, visit, “Land of Nod,” for instructions on making a super easy superhero cape!

Click Image for Superhero Cape Tutorial from Land of Nod.

Lastly, for some cool & colorful accessories, visit “Simple Homemade,” for a quick lesson on making Ribbon Rings (Same can be used for making a ribbon wand.)

Click Image for ribbon ring tutorial from Simple Homemade


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