Treetop Quest!! Ropes Course & Ziplining for the whole family!

Treetop Quest, a unique adventure for young or old, is an amazing adventure for any fun-loving family. We went to, “explore our wild side,” with our 9 & 10 year old sons. The self-guided aerial obstacle course, complete with thrilling ziplines, was no less than a fantastic & unforgettable experience.

During the orientation, which lasts about 10 minutes, you learn to use the belay system. This is an ingenious safety system that ensures all our thrill-seekers are connected to the cables at all times. As a mom, this gave me full confidence that the boys could race around from tree to tree, without having to worry about their safety. It is impossible to disconnect from the system, during the tours, without aide from an employee. I even saw 5 year olds having the time of their life on the kid-friendly courses.

My oldest loved the obstacles along the course & my youngest loved zipping along the cables high above the ground. It was truly a treat to see them with such joy and excitement in their eyes. I recommend the experience to anybody and everybody who has the opportunity!

My advice:

1. Do some stretching before getting on the course. It can be a real workout, especially for your leg muscles.

2. Water is available. I recommend taking a water bottle with a carabiner that you can connect to your harness. This way, you always have water throughout the entire course. We stopped several times along the course to take water breaks. The high temp was 87 on the day we went. I imagine, during higher temps, having water handy on the course is an excellent idea.

3. Eat before hand and pack a lunch or some snacks. There is a picnic pavillion available and the challenging activity will have you hungry!

Enjoy our video to see some of the obstacles and zip lines available on the first three courses! Then, visit to learn more.

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