Summer Adventure Pack Exchange

First, let me welcome you to the Summer Adventure Pack Exchange program. Long Live Learning is hosting this awesome opportunity to help families inspire, educate, encourage and entertain others with their summer adventures. I believe that not only will the exchange provide your family with a fun activity, but it will deepen your exploration of the adventures you lead throughout the summer season.

Summer Adventure Pack Exchange

Participants in the Summer Adventure Pack Exchange will enjoy their summer adventures, activities & vacations while keeping in mind that they’ll be compiling it all into an Adventure Pack for another family and snail mailing that package during the month of September. Each family will be paired with another participating family so everybody sends and receives an adventure pack at the end of summer.

The purpose is to share your adventures, vacations, activities and more with another family. They should be inspiring, interesting, and include personal memories as well as inexpensive trinkets such as postcards or free brochures, info sheets and other things you pick up along the way. You have all summer long to collect materials, pictures, and more to include in your adventure pack. When September rolls around, we’ll send our packages to their new families to let them experience our adventures all over again! Who knows? Your family might inspire another family to try something new or visit a new place.

What do I have to do to participate in this thing???

All you have to do is fill out the form below with your email address and mailing address. I’ll accept new participants until June 23. When September 1, 2013 rolls around, you will receive an email with the address to send the Adventure Pack you compiled. That family will receive your address and they will send their pack to you. It’s that simple. So, fill out the form now and share the page with others – the more participants, the more fun and adventure to be had.

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Where did this idea come from???

After having so much fun participating inĀ Sweet T Homeschool’s Smarty Pants Worldwide Homeschool Exchange, I thought a Summer Snail Mail Exchange would be a fun thing to host.

For those of you who don’t know about the Smarty Pants Worldwide HS Exchange, the objective was for each participant to put together a snail mail package full of info and goodies relating to their location in the world. It was pretty cool and fun. In fact, we’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of our packages.

Despite the fact that we had at least a month to piece together our box full of goodies, it came at quite a busy time of the year for us and the deadline crept up quickly. We didn’t have the opportunity to visit as many local places as we would have liked to collect materials from, within the time constraints.

So, using this awesome idea (that I hope Sweet T Homeschool continues to host) along with inspiration from our difficulties and excitement in participating, I devised the Summer Adventure Pack Exchange. The main idea is to go about your summer adventures while keeping in mind that, come the end of the summer season, you’ll be sending a package with all sorts of info and goodies about your adventures. This will give your family a few months to visit places, collect brochures, record a few memories, take some photos, pickup some postcards and/or trinkets, and compile a really cool adventure pack about your summer.

I will continuously update with new ideas about the exchange, including things to share, inexpensive & free items you can include, and more. Please feel free and encouraged to share this page with everybody!!

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