A Playground in the Treetops! New SpiderQuest Family Adventure

SpiderQuest - Challenging Obstacle

You may have visited, or heard about, the fantastic Treetop Quest at Gwinnett Environmental Heritage Center. For those of you who haven’t, Treetop Quest is a unique family-friendly adventure through a Treetop Obstacle Course. We explored the forest in this exciting new way, last year, and had an absolute blast! It is definitely one of the most fun things to do in Metro Atlanta with your family. You can read more & watch my video, here.

IMG_5883 -1We were invited to return to Treetop Quest to celebrate the opening of the $500,000 expansion, SpiderQuest. The main difference between Treetop Quest & the new attraction, “SpiderQuest,” is the huge safety net suspended in the trees & the subsequent absence of harnesses. My older son (11), who was reluctant and hesitant on Treetop Quest’s zip line experiences recommends SpiderQuest as the place for families to begin their journey through the trees. He explained to me that he felt nervous on Treetop Quest’s open platforms and that the harness & one-of-a-kind safety features just weren’t enough to convince his mind that he was safe and secure. But, after visiting the new addition, “SpiderQuest,” he feels he has conquered some of his fear of heights and now feels more confident about Treetop Quest’s unique safety features.

Treetop Quest & SpiderQuest are fun and exciting for kids of all ages. Adults can enjoy moving through the obstacles alongside their children, or opt to take more challenging paths through the obstacle courses. They can rest assured that Treetop Quest has put a tremendous amount of thought and staff in place to ensure the safety and pleasant experiences of all their adventurers, young and old. 

Check out all the fun in this SpiderQuest video filmed in the treetops of Gwinnett Environmental Heritage Center. When you’re done, scroll down for a few tips and links to the official website where you can find pricing & directions.

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Secure your items! On our adventures through Treetop Quest & SpiderQuest, we witnessed a couple people drop items that fell 20-50 feet to the ground. The items can be recovered if you see where it lands.. But, that’s no guarantee it won’t be broken. So, make sure you secure all of your items!

Listen to the quick safety lecture. There are a few rules to follow that ensure everyone’s safety. Make sure your kids pay attention!

Gloves. On Treetop Quest, gloves are provided. But, we weren’t so lucky on SpiderQuest. This is my one disappointment about SpiderQuest. The ropes can and will cause friction to rub your hands a little raw. It’s not irritating to everyone. But, play it safe to provide your family with the most comfortable experience and pack a couple pair of cheap garden gloves to protect your hands from the friction.

Find out pricing, directions and more information about Treetop Quest and the radical new activities on their website.


5 thoughts on “A Playground in the Treetops! New SpiderQuest Family Adventure

  1. Looks like a neat place to take my boys, too! Say…can you recommend a type of glove and/or a place where one can find gloves that would fit an adolescent child?

    1. Elizabeth, I wouldn’t put too much thought into these. I would say just grab some garden gloves or cheap work gloves from the dollar store or something. I have a pair of paddling gloves and a pair of biking gloves that would probably work fine, as well. I do recommend something that’s not going to be hot like winter gloves. If you don’t want to go to the dollar store.. check out a home depot or a lowe’s for some cheap garden/work gloves.

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