#GoalZero Lighthouse Solar Kit Daily #Giveaway for a whole month!

Hey y’all!! I’m super excited about this daily giveaway going on through May 2nd, 2014. GoalZero, who has awesome solar equipment for camping and prepper needs, is giving away a Lighthouse Solar Kit every single day. I have to tell you that I already own one of these lanterns and it’s totally rad. ┬áIf you’re already sold, Enter the Giveaway! If not…. read a little more and I guarantee you’ll enter this giveaway.

This lantern has become a lightweight necessity in our camp supplies. It’s an extremely versatile piece of equipment that I just won’t do without. You can charge it by the builtin handcrank or by solar power and even charge your usb devices with it. Built in conservation options, such as dimming the light or only using half-power to light one side of the lantern can greatly extend your lantern’s battery life. It has a built in stand for setting it on a table and a ring for hanging it up high. It’s light enough that it hangs, without a problem, in our small tent while we settle in for sleep.

It’s just a fantastic, flexible, lightweight option for lighting your campsite and charging your phones (or other usb device). Everybody needs one of these things from campers, doomsday preppers to the folks who are going to suffer the occasional power outage. Why not enter the giveaway and (hopefully) get yours free?

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