Leaving the nest! A story about moms & children, illustrated by birds.

This morning was overcast and windy. The trees were dripping with the remnants of last night’s storms. I was on my front porch, tending to some of my garden babies who happen to still be in pots. The little white-breasted nuthatch, who’d made a home in our front yard nestbox, was darting back and forth between the nestbox and nearby trees. We watched as the little ones, inside, took turns peeking out of the hole. 

They were preparing to leave the nest. Mother continued her coaxing dance between the nestbox and the trees. She would call to her little ones from afar and they would call back, from the safety of the nestbox.

White Breasted Nuthatch

Back and forth.. back and forth.. she flew from the nestbox to the surrounding trees. Demonstrating flight for the curious little ones who took turns watching at the nestbox opening. She called to them and they called back, until one finally climbed out of the opening ready to spread it’s wings and fly. 

This is the second time I’ve caught my white-breasted nuthatch friends taking flight for the first time. A couple years ago, I witnessed the same adventure in growing up. It’s quite a fantastic experience for a mom to watch. It reminds you that your own littles are constantly watching you and learning how to leave the nest.. Every opportunity you have to try something new, to overcome a fear, to have an adventure… you’re teaching them how to spread their wings and fly into their own life. 

First Flight for White Breasted Nuthatch
First Flight for White Breasted Nuthatch

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