First Time Camping Family-Friendly Campgrounds

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First Time Family Camping Campgrounds

Tent, camp stove, lantern, oh my! The list of gear a family needs to begin camping can seem daunting. First Time Campers may not want to make these purchases without having a camping experience. On top of that, if you’re not experienced or haven’t built a strong bond with Mother Nature, you have a lot of other concerns – bugs, boredom, safety, wildlife, comfort. I wish to inspire other families to build strong bonds with nature and create lasting memories in the great outdoors.

My boys and I have been camping, together, for a decade. They are 10 & 11, so that equates to their entire lives. Yes, I was changing diapers in the forest and, at times, hauling two tired toddlers – one on each hip – along the trails of the North Georgia Mountains. The boys have grown up camping. Their experience level makes it possible for us to explore more challenging outdoor conquests – like camping Cumberland Island National Seashore & planning backcountry kayak tours.

But, we had to start somewhere. My husband and I already had camping experience before the boys were born and were comfortable leading a family camping trip into areas with no running water/electricity or restrooms. I realize this may not be the case for all families and have sought out the perfect campgrounds, in the Southeast US, for first time family campers to get their feet wet.

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  1. I think that it would be awesome to go camping. Especially for my family. If we ever get a chance to go it will be the first time for all of us. I think I’m going to try to talk them into it.

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