Maker Camp is fun for everyone! Best Kids Activities for Week One!

Maker Camp is a cool virtual camp that supplies folks with ideas & instructions for cool daily projects as well as fun interviews & videos related to various topics. Here are week one’s best picks for kids. See the full lineup for week one, here.

Day One: Make a Milk Jug Rocket Launcher – Link
This seems like a pretty simple project anyone can enjoy & to top it off there was a live stream from behind-the-scene at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. 

Day Two: Rola Bola Balance Board – Link

Not only will this be fun to make, but it will be a blast to play & strengthen balance with. I’ve seen these before, decorated with bright-colored duct tape designs.


Day Three: Build a Heron’s Fountain with a water bottle – Link
This is very cool. It’s a project that doesn’t use electricity, but seems like it might. Heron (Hero) of Alexandria was a mathematician and an inventor. He is well known for his steam engine, the Aeolipile, and many other inventions that use pneumatics.

Day Four: Make Your Bike Glow with EL Wire – Link

For about $20, you can purchase an EL Wire Starter Pack with 10 ft of glowing wire that you can use to make your bike (and other items) glow in the dark!

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