Cloudland Canyon State Park with Kids

Cloudland Canyon State Park with Kids

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Cloudland Canyon State Park with KidsCloudland Canyon State Park, in northwest Georgia, proves a fantastic adventure for our hike happy family. Our 48 hours on the western edge of Lookout Mountain was hardly enough to experience all the spectacular views, fun activities or interesting trails. But, it was just long enough to have us planning our next visit.

This is our second trip to Cloudland Canyon and our first overnight stay. I did discover some great tips that I want to share with other families venturing out to explore Cloudland Canyon State Park. I’ve split them up into 3 easy reads: Overnight at Cloudland Canyon, Best Family Hikes, and Family Fun & Food!

Our first trip to Cloudland Canyon, in 2011, we headed straight for the 1200 stairs at the top of Sitton’s Gulch trail. Amazing views greeted us along the trail, but this is not my personal recommendation after our┬ásecond visit to this park. We failed to do much research and were only visiting the park for a day trip. The hike/stair-climbing took its toll by eating up the majority of what little time we had to spend in the park that day. If I had to do it over again, I would most definitely choose a different route to hike. I’ll explain a little later, when I address trail hiking at the park. But, now, I’d like to tell y’all about the great options for staying overnight. Keep Reading —>

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  1. You know what Candy, I’m not a outdoorsy person but you really make me want to become one. You and your family are always on great, educational adventures and this would help my daughters enjoy the outdoors more. They are so worried about bugs and getting dirty since they’re such girly girls.

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