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Do you want to learn? – Camp Cook Chronicles

J Bear on Pine MountainDo you want to learn? It won’t always be pretty. It may resemble destruction, from time to time. Learning often comes as challenges that we face while attempting to continue in our, “orderly fashion.” Overcoming and moving through these unexpected obstacles, we learn how to live life.

We recently packed 4 bikes on a car rack designed only to fit 3 of them, pitched a tent with two broken poles, saved a phone dropped in the Atlantic Ocean, and had a son overcome his fear of heights to join in several family activities – all on the same trip to St Augustine, FL.

These difficulties are a drop in the bucket of representing the learning process. We’re faced with a problem and devise a solution. We make attempts to apply the solution to a real-life scenario. If it doesn’t work, it’s back to the drawing board with new found knowledge from that experiment. We have all these pieces in front of us and click them together, like a puzzle, often forced to tear them apart and rebuild time and again.

Learning is this constant process of gathering puzzle pieces, fitting them together, pulling them apart and starting over until we have the big picture…. and, even then, when we discover a better piece – we’ll pull out the old one and replace it. It’s an ever-changing picture that never looks the same from one moment to the next.

So, do you want to learn? Be prepared to welcome the challenges and obstacles that pop up along the way — That’s where the magic happens.

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