Official Partner with Type-A Parent Conference 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia

I have been selected to be an official partner with the Type-A Parent Conference 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia. I have very little idea of what this actually means. LOL But, I’m totally cool with that and appreciate the opportunity immensely. I’m learning!

Let me explain…. I really got serious about my blog early this year. I had heard of several conferences, many of which were being held far from my Atlanta, Georgia home base. I really wanted to go to a conference and have the chance to connect with other bloggers, learn some things and improve my skills. When spring rolled around, I caught word of a couple conferences being held in Atlanta during the fall. I jumped on Type-A Parent Conference. Three days of connecting with bloggers, brands and learning new things… even though I’m the furthest thing from, “Type A,” as one of my blogger friends pointed out to me.

This will be my first conference and I’m super excited to be chosen as an official partner and have the opportunity to offer other bloggers an opportunity to join me while we explore the ins and outs of blogging, business, social media and more.

If you’d like to join me, Sept 19-21 for the Type-A Conference in Atlanta… I’m happy to offer the opportunity with a 25% discount!  Just click this link to grab your ticket, use the code BLOGPARTNER and meet me there. 

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