Benefits of Traveling with Other Families

4 Benefits of Traveling & Bunking with Other Families

Benefits of Traveling with Other Families

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We’re crazy lucky to be friends with some amazing families who enjoy traveling & outdoor adventures as much as we do. In fact, as I’m writing this, one of those families is sound asleep in a yurt near my camp office. We went on a whirlwind road trip around Florida with the adventuring family of Val in Real Life and learned a lot bunking with 365 Atlanta Family on a couple of occasions. These experiences have been a blast for the adults and the kids alike!

Children learn and teach each other naturally in a pressure-free, non-judgmental environment
Traveling and bunking, whether in a hotel or at camp, with another family provides a pressure-free environment where children of different ages can come together peaceably to learn and teach each other. This place of social education is much different from their routine in school. My older sons, 11 & 12, are able to befriend children who are half their age – imparting knowledge and willing to learn what the little guys have to teach them about life. They aren’t concerned with sticking to a tutoring topic or being seen mentoring a 5-year-old or playing silly games with a 2-year-old. There is no pressure, from peers, to leave the little ones behind.

great discoveryWhen traveling with another family, it’s been my pleasure to witness the exchange of knowledge and experience that takes place between children from different lives, different families, backgrounds and experience. I’ve listened in on lessons my children give about various subjects and I’ve watched them soak up information from others. Let’s face it, moms: Sometimes, we don’t know what they’ve learned until we see them teaching it to someone else.

Helping Hands with Extra Sets of Eyes and Ears
Another great benefit of staying with another family, on overnight adventures, is having an extra set of helping hands. Today, a young child slipped into the water and was calmly snatched up by another watchful parent. In less tense moments, we can help carry things, point out interesting items along the way, and help engage impatient children while other parents have their hands full.
The kids play their part as helping hands as well. My own sons got the fire going, last night, while entertaining the little ones with a lesson on how it’s done. It gave us moms a moment to sit back, relax and enjoy the scene.
We help each other prepare meals, watch the kids, wash dishes and do other camp chores. We support each other where our strengths falter and provide an extra sense of security.

Renewed Sense of Adventure
One of the greatest things about traveling and overnighting with another family is experiencing their adventurous spirit. We all have our own senses of adventure and ways of satisfying that need for excitement & curiosity.
It’s nice to go along with another family and experience their ideas about what constitutes an adventure. What sparks their curiosity is often different from our own and experiencing a trail or park with another family opens up new avenues of interest, knowledge and adventure.

Florida Road Trip with Val in Real Life & Sons
Florida Road Trip with Val in Real Life & Sons – Photos by Val in Real Life

The Money Saved
Last, but not least, is the obvious benefit of saving money on your trip. Splitting costs with another family is an excellent way to save money. You’ll save a lot on lodging and can share supplies. A little research into group discounts could even knock a few bucks off attraction passes.

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  1. I usually travel with family during the summer months but they’re my extended family though. I have never travel with family that weren’t related to me, I need to do this someday.

  2. This is great!! I keep trying to find the “right” friends to take a vacation with because I want someone to help me entertain the midgets 🙂

    Thanks so much for posting this on the #SHINEbloghop

  3. I love this! I love traveling with my own family and nieces and nephews, but we’ve never traveled with another family. Looks like such a good idea for when I have my own kids! 🙂

  4. When I was a kid we always traveled with other families but as an adult we only travel alone. I find it really overwhelming to travel with other people although it is nice to have someone to take pictures of / for us!

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