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WISH LIST – Camp Caddy Portable Kitchen Carrier

Camp Cook KitchenI often refer to our camp as Camp Cook. By all means that does not refer to my skills as an outdoor chef. Despite my misleading surname, I’m a horrible camp cook and even worse camp kitchen keeper.

The camp kitchen. It’s an essential part of any camping setup. But, if you’re like me, it can quickly become the messiest, disorganized part of camp. Never before did I recognize the need for a more organized camp kitchen than on my most recent trip – a 3000 mile road trip with two boys and four different camp locations. In preparation for our trip, I made every attempt to pack strategically. But, even my best efforts proved to be in vain.

Some of my biggest mistakes in packing (and repacking) the camp kitchen:

  • Tossing essential kitchen tools, such as the can opener, in the box with our food. It seemed like an OK idea to store the can opener with the cans. But, it shifted and fell to the bottom of the box. Searching for the can opener took twice as long as actually cooking my critically important quick meal.
  • I packed all the pots, pans, tableware and silverware in the large box I use for general camp stuffs. This prevents quick and easy retrieval of camp kitchen items at rest stops along the way.
  • I failed to bring a table to cover my butt in the very real chance that one of our sites didn’t provide a table. We’ve had to setup stoves on tree stumps, rocks and other unstable surfaces in the past.
  • I packed the condiments in with the other food and when it came time to make an easy lunch, like sandwiches, I had to dig through the box of food in order to hunt down the mustard.
  • All this digging around for frequently used items, among the shifting items in my food box, wasted valuable time and left me with a frustratingly disorganized system.
  • Have you ever tried to keep a loaf of bread from being crushed when the back of your car is packed as full as possible??

I chalked up these technical difficulties as just part of the car camping and road tripping life – until I saw the Camp Caddy and realized that it could magically make all these problems disappear!

The Camp Caddy

The Camp Caddy is a simple, yet amazing portable kitchen carrier complete with extendable legs and fold-out surfaces to increase your counter space. The storage area is large enough to hold a two burner camp stove, plus utensils and tableware; including door shelves to hold other items such as condiments or cooking spray. The whole thing conveniently folds up into an easy-tote box that you can carry or wheel around. It seems the Camp Caddy folks have thought of everything we need as car campers, tailgaters, and picnickers: just in time for Christmas.

Camp Caddy is a Kickstarter campaign that needs your vote in order to move forward with production. Act fast and Get a Camp Caddy for yourself or the campers on your Christmas list, before this innovative design is lost!

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