10 winter outings for family fun

10 winter outings for family fun

On the tenth day of Christmas, Mother Nature gave to me…..

10 winter outings for family fun


Winter Walks in the Woods

Winter is a great time to go on a nature walk. The plants dying back and bare trees reveal some excellent views of nature that we don’t have during the warmer months. Take some binoculars and scan trees for wintering birds and nests normally hidden by a cover of leaves. If it snows, you can more easily discover animal tracks and scat. For more ideas on what to look for in nature, sign up for my Trail Mix Digest, where I’ll soon be releasing a Winter Nature Journal issue.


Fishing in WinterWinter near the Water

Journey out to your local waterways in search of winter fun. Down south, where I live, you’ll be hard pressed to find a frozen lake or river. But, it is possible. A friend of mine recently told me about his experience visiting Amicalola Falls when the icy temperatures brought the waterfall to majestic halt. Using caution around cold and frozen waters, you can also skip stones, go fishing and practice your long exposure photography techniques. Last year, we took our Santa hats to the Okefenokee Swamp for a family photo and then took a whirlwind tour of Florida that landed us in Everglades National Park.

Winter on the Rocks

Living in the foothills of the southern Appalachian mountains, rocks are a prominent sight. The rocks, in winter, offer contrasting beauty against the stark backdrop.  Go on a journey INTO the rocks by caving! Caving is a great winter adventure because the temperature inside caves stays comfortable all year round. Another idea is to hike to an overlook where you can get a panoramic view of winter.

Classic Reindeer Games

Ice SkatingHave fun in the snow and ice by sledding, skiing, and ice skating. Even if waterways in your area don’t freeze, you will likely find artificial snow and ice skating rinks.

If it snows enough, where you live, have fun building your snowman. But, if you’re down south with me, you may not find enough snow to complete a full man. Instead, create Snow Sculptures of woodland creatures like rabbits, squirrels, foxes, or birds. When you’re done with that, dig out your bubble wands from summer and have fun blowing frozen bubbles like these folks.

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