Nine winter science experiments

Nine Winter Science Experiments for all ages

On the ninth day of Christmas, Mother Nature gave to me….

Nine winter science experiments

Snow and ice science experiments

These science experiments are best done in cold weather! Some of them we’ve done before and some are new that we’ll try once it gets colder. Which ones are you looking forward to testing?

Start a fire with iceStart a fire with ice
For the older scientists who’ve lost interest in
simple kiddie projects. Use ice to start a fire!
Read how to do it, here.

Melting Ice Science ExperimentMelting Ice Experiment
Let your kids add their own twist to this
melting ice experiment used by
The Chaos and The Clutter for a science fair project.
Read how they did it!

Examine SnowflakesExamining Snowflakes
Scientists must rely on their observation skills
in order to conduct thorough investigations.
Practice using your skills of observation by
catching some snowflakes on black
construction paper and examining them
Read more at E is for Explore!
with a magnifying glass.

Mother Nature and Father Time Science

Mother Nature and Father Time team up to do some amazing things. Here are a couple ways to explore that concept.

Make a sundialCraft a Sundial
Have fun with the sun and shadows by making a sundial.
Did you know there are different types of sundials?
Find out how to make one, here!

Nature Journal, Photo PagesBegin an annual Nature Journal
If you don’t already have one, this is the perfect time of year to start your nature journal.
Make entries all year round and learn to observe the natural world and how time changes it.
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Getting Crafty with Science Experiments

These science projects may take a bit of crafting, digging for supplies or clean up time.

Frozen Bubbles Science ExperimentFrozen Bubbles.
I mentioned these in the 10 winter outings for family fun and here they are again!
It’s because I’m excited to give these a try the next time it dips below freezing where we live.
From Housing A Forest

Make fake snow to play with
Fake Snow
Where I live, in Georgia, we’re lucky if we get a snow day.
When it’s cold, but never snowing, make your own snow!
Read how to make fake snow on Momma’s Fun World

Crystal Snowflake Suncatcher Science CraftCrystal Suncatchers
These science crafts from Babble Dabble Do are really fantastic.
A great way to combine science, holiday decorating, arts and crafts!
Read how to make them on Babble Dabble Do. 

Animal Blubber Science ExperimentAnimal Blubber Science Experiment
How DO animals swim in arctic oceans and survive  winter conditions?
Explain it with this simple and quick experiment from Gift of Curiosity
Read how to do it, here!

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