One starry night – Geminids Meteor Shower

Our 12 days of Christmas in Nature ends with one starry night… whether that night is the Geminids meteor shower this weekend, the dark sky of  a new moon in winter, or some other celestial event happening! Bring some hot chocolate!

Geminids in Flight, December 14, 2012. Jeff Smallwood captured eight meteors and five airplanes over the course of 90 minutes. Click on image for a larger version.
Jeff Smallwood

Geminids Meteor Shower

From Sky and Telescope:

The Geminids, an impressive annual meteor shower sparked by dust and debris shed from a small asteroid, peaks this weekend.

Geminids can appear anywhere in the sky, so the best direction to watch is wherever your sky is darkest, probably straight up. Small particles create tiny, quick streaks. Occasional brighter ones might sail across the heavens for several seconds and may leave a brief train of glowing smoke.

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