Seven things to look for on a winter hike

On the seventh day of Christmas, Mother nature gave to me…. seven things to look for on a winter hike! Subscribe to the Trail Mix Digest to receive a free Winter Nature Journal eBook, including winter scavenger hunts, coming later this month!



nest in treeBirds and Squirrel nests in trees
After the leaves have fallen, it’s much easier
to spot the nests of birds and squirrels in the
branches of hardwoods.

Chattahoochee in WinterPatterns in Branches
While you have your eyes on the
bare branches of winter trees,
look for the patterns of nature.
I notice the patterns of tree growth
much easier in the fall and winter.

iridescent cloudsIridescent Clouds
I’ve seen a lot of these, “rainbows in the clouds,”
and I’ve spotted the majority of them in the winter.
They are generally faded and near the sun. They are also
easier to spot while wearing sunglasses.
[Photo credit: Chris Bouchard]

Frost is something you’re only going to find in the colder months of the year.
Take a magnifying glass to examine it closer.


berriesWildlife Food Sources
Wildlife still have to eat in the winter.
Keep an eye out for berries and other sources
of food they might be eating.

There are many birds that are very active in winter.
We regularly feed birds so we can get close up views of them
at our feeders. You can participate in
The Great Backyard Bird Count from February 13-16, 2015!

Another item you’ll only find during colder months, icicles.


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