[Video ] Hike Sweetwater Creek with me

[Video] Hike Georgia’s Sweetwater Creek State Park

[Video ] Hike Sweetwater Creek with me
Sometimes, I feel discouraged. It’s a surprise, even to me. I’m a solid person with a strong foundation and a drive to learn things, experience things and share them with others. That doesn’t matter. Somehow, I’ve managed to remain human and I stumble over the same rocks as everyone else. I get up, I get down.

Over the past month, I’ve revisited the same place at least once every week. A place I’ve been coming home to for over twenty years. My intention was to create content – information on the park and the trails that other people could use in planning their own day at Sweetwater Creek State Park. I took my sons. I took photos and videos. I took notice of things that I could mention. I brought it home and began compiling it into a video and realized that I’m going to fail at my original concept.

My video isn’t the quick clip, chock-full of useful information, about some park in Georgia where people can spend a couple hours or a day. It doesn’t simply feature the terrain or highlights that people would be interested in seeing. Instead, set to music with no voiceover, the only information it presents to viewers is a fraction of how much I love this place. With that said, let me introduce to you the video that fails to convey any information, whatsoever, about this park.

Hiking Sweetwater Creek State Park

I’ve hiked these trails with friends and family, people and pets who’ve passed on, all alone and with my sons.  This place holds a secret, for me, that can be found nowhere else on Planet Earth. A deep natural and personal history that I can’t contain in any photo, video or blurb. No matter how far I travel or what I find when I get there… this is what I miss and where I return home. I have recorded scenes from Sweetwater Creek State Park in hopes that you might have 10 minutes to spare to go on a virtual hike with me. Instead of voicing over a description of the park, I have set my video to an Allman Brothers song about a similar Georgia destination, “High Falls.” All clips are from a single hike of the blazed red and white trails.


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