Hike to the top of Stone Mountain

Atlanta Georgia Trails – Hike to the top of Stone Mountain

Hike to the top of Stone Mountain
Hiking to the top of Stone Mountain is a tradition, for me. Through all the changes that have grown Stone Mountain Park into the bustling epicenter of family fun, the hike to the top remains one of the highlights of my visits. The Stone Mountain Walk Up Trail takes me back in time, to my childhood. Now, my boys follow in my footsteps along this sacred path. [Scroll down to the video if you’d rather listen to me talk about it!]


How long is the Stone Mountain hike?

Stone Mountain Park has several hiking trails of different lengths. The Walk Up Trail is one of the most popular. You’ll hike one-mile, to the summit and one-mile back down. It’s a fairly moderate hike with lots of boulders, rock outcrops and exposed tree roots. The steepest part of the Walk Up Trail is marked by a handrail to help hikers get a grip. I’ve only really needed the handrail, once. A summer rain breezed through, before us, making that portion pretty slippery. There’s a picnic shelter, about halfway up the mountain. The Summit Skyride building, at the top, also houses restrooms and a cafe.

The hike begins at, “The Discovering Stone Mountain Museum,” in Confederate Hall. Although it’s not necessary, I highly recommend visiting the museum before tackling the hike. The museum introduces visitors to local plants and wildlife as it explains the geological processes that formed our beloved monadnock, This is a great time to take kids to the restroom. The next restroom is at the top!

I frequent Stone Mountain, making at least one visit each season. Maybe I’ll see you on my next hike to the top of Stone Mountain!

Other Stone Mountain Nature Trails

Don’t forget about the other 14 miles of trails that don’t lead to the top!

CHEROKEE TRAIL is a 5-mile National Recreation Trail that takes hikers on a tour around the mountain. This trail blazes right by the Walk Up Trail and some hikers like to combine them to make a 7-mile hike.

SONGBIRD TRAILS and NATURE GARDEN TRAILS are each under two miles and explore less crowded areas of the park for a quieter look at native plants and wildlife.

 What to do at Stone Mountain after the hike

Stone Mountain offers lots of other options for family fun. I camped out there to try their Ready, Set, Camp program for first-time campers and spent the day exploring the park.





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