Waterfalls, ideas for outdoor romance

7 romantic escapes to the great outdoors – Valentine’s Day Special

Perhaps you’re blessed with a sweetheart who’d rather be hiking and biking than wining and dining. Use these ideas to plan the perfect day of romance in the great outdoors to win the heart of your outdoorsy Valentine. [Visiting Georgia? I have great destinations in mind for these ideas!! See more]

Rivers, ideas for outdoor romanceRiverside Romance

Rivers are responsible for carving out some of the most amazing features on the planet. Go with the flow down by the river for a rugged hike, rock hopping or a lovely laid-back stroll. [Where to go in Georgia…]

Picture Perfect Picnic, ideas for outdoor romance

Picture Perfect Picnic

We’ve all had our relationship ups and downs. Pack a picnic to enjoy, at a local high point. As you look out over the land, admire how far you’ve come with your partner.  [Where to go in Georgia…]

Row your boat, ideas for outdoor romance

Whatever floats your boat

Paddling a rowboat, to serenade a lover, is a time-honored picture of old-fashioned romance. Row, row, row your boat back to simpler times. If that doesn’t do it for you.. Perhaps another classic such as horseback riding, a bike ride, or simply preparing the garden for planting.  [Where to go in Georgia…]

Waterfalls, ideas for outdoor romance

Chasing Waterfalls

Enhance the romance with a waterfall. Simply stated, people find waterfalls romantic due to the raw beauty and power of nature. Need I say more?  [Where to go in Georgia…]

Seaside, ideas for outdoor romance

Down by the seaside

Sunrises and sunsets, long walks on the beach and another powerful feature of mother nature – one with a bold history – lend romance to any day down by the sea. [Where to go in Georgia…]


Star-crossed Lovers

Whether you use telescopes, binoculars or just lay out a blanket on the grass – gazing into the heavens at the millions of stars that make up our universe stirs the emotions and the imagination.  [Where to go in Georgia…]

Camping Stone Mountain Park

Let the sparks fly

Fire, like water, is another energetic force. One that lights up the night with passion. Cuddle up by the camp fire and let the sparks fly.  [Where to go in Georgia…]

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