4 things I love about a tent that attaches to our SUV

4 things I love about a tent that attaches to our SUV

4 things I love about a tent that attaches to our SUVIn February, we camped in our new Sportz SUV Tent from Napier Outdoors. We’re on a mission to camp every month, this year. So, you’ll be seeing a lot more of this unique tent.

Excited to try it out, I took it on our first tent-camping experience of the year. I admit that I was a bit skeptical at first, and packed along our usual tent as an emergency backup. But, the Napier tent proved itself as an outstanding home away from home. The innovative design really makes family car-camping easier, comfortable, and more efficient.

Napier Outdoors designed a tent that connects to your car

The most interesting function of this tent is its ability to connect to our SUV. A special sleeve wraps around the cargo area, offering quick accessibility to all the camping supplies in the back of the vehicle. No more hauling all of the bedding around the campsite. With a little shuffling of supplies, campers could easily be sleeping in the cargo area rather than on the ground. I’m sure we’ll have an opportunity to try it later this year. The sleeve that connects car to tent is also detachable! The tent is easily transformed to a standalone design.

This tent is big!

I was actually surprised by the amount of space in this tent. The size is probably the feature my boys love the best. They’re getting bigger! Both of them are beginning to complain about being hunched over as they attempt to get dressed in our smaller tent. At seven feet tall, the Sportz SUV tent eliminates that issue.

Ventilation of Napier Outdoors Sportz SUV TentExcellent ventilation system prevents stuffy, stagnant air

One complaint I have with camping in the southern heat is the stagnant, humid air that builds up in a tent. I’m looking forward to testing this tent against summer in the deep south. My initial impression suggests that we’ll have a much better experience. The Sportz SUV tent has a fantastic ventilation system to keep air circulating. There are two skylights and large windows. A lower vent is sheltered and can remain open in the rain.

The Sportz SUV Tent is durable

There is nothing flimsy about this tent. It’s designed to prevent wear and tear. The support poles are steel with braided shock-cording and the tent material is thick polyester taffeta. The tent also features a superior rain protection system, a safeguard against inclement weather. Even the sturdy expandable carry bag offers excellent protection for the tent in storage.

4 things I love about Napier Sportz SUV Tent

For more information, visit the Napier Outdoors website for the Sportz SUV Tent.

Disclosure: Napier Outdoors provided me with a tent for the purpose of taking photos. Blog posts nor video footage were compensated nor requested by Napier Outdoors.


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