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Incredible Eggs! Science, History and more to do with all those Easter Eggs

There is more to do with eggs than making colorful (edible) art for Easter celebrations. Eggs are fascinating! They’re amazing! You might even say they are eggs-ellent. Take a tour around these websites and rediscover the most common symbol of Easter!

Begin the tour with the anatomy of a chicken egg. Do you know what the chalaza or the albumen is in an egg? Find out with this simple to understand diagram accompanied by in-depth explanations of each part at Imagination Station.

After learning a little bit about what’s inside that egg, you may want to try your hand at magic! I mean, science… by making the eggshell disappear, making the egg become unbreakable, or shrinking an egg! You can find simple science eggs-periments like that, right here on Science Sparks.

Try some of these recipes that combine science & cooking in the Kitchen Lab!

From Ancient China & India, European Middle Ages and the Americas.. discover the history of eggs and their impact on humans!

Finally, when there’s nothing left but eggshells, what do you do with them? Throw them in your compost, use them as seed starter pots, even eat them! Visit the Prairie Homestead for a list of incredible uses for eggshells.


Free Admission to 125 Museums Around the South


A collection of Free Museums Around The South including the states of Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

A note about the map: The Locations marked with green pointers are always free. The locations marked with red pointers are free on select dates and the information about those dates has been provided. You can also full screen the map by clicking the icon in the top right corner making it easier to view.  DISCLAIMER: Venues, such as these, are known to change their admissions without warning. Be sure to check out the locations that interest you to ensure admission is still free.

Updated: March 25, 2014 with current admissions information

Below the map is a complete list of museums. You can use the find feature of your browser to search for keywords. Some of my keywords are: history, local history, science, military, aviation, transportation, profession, biographical, government.

If you would like to add a venue, please do so using the contact form below the map. I’m always adding new venues and intend to include Florida and other states around the south. Thanks!

This list took me a lot of time & work to compile. DO NOT COPY ANY PART OF THIS LIST and display it on your own website, without permission. It took DAYS of research to compile. You may link to this page.


Candler Field Museum, Aviation
Marietta Fire Museum, Profession
Anne Frank in the World, Biographical
Atlanta Monetary Museum, Banking & Financial
Georgia Capitol Museum & Tours, Government & History
Museum of History & Holocaust Education, History WWII
David J Sencer Center For Disease Control Museum, Health & Medical
Museum of Aviation, Aviation
Fernbank Science Center, Science
Elberton Granite Museum, Topical
Adairsville Rail Depot Age of Steam Museum, Railroad Transportation
The Columbus Museum,
National Infantry Museum, Military
Robert C Williams Paper Museum, Topical
Antique Funeral Museum, Topical
DeKalb History Museum, Local History
Roswell Fire Museum, Profession
Smyrna History Museum, Local History
Martin Luther King JR Nat’l Historic Site, Biographical & Historical
Heritage Park Veterans Museum, Military
Georgia College Natural History Museum, Natural History
Cotton Museum, Topical
Jekyll Island Museum, Local History
Jimmy Carter Nat’l Historic Site, Biographical
Kingston Women History Museum, Local History
Lowndes County Historical Society Museum, Local History
Museum of Colquitt county, Local History
Thornateeska Heritage Center and Wetherbee Planetarium, Local History & Science
Thunderbolt Museum Society, Local History
Vidalia Onion Museum, Topical
Chik Fil A Headquarters Tour and Museum, Profession/Commercial
Andersonville Nat’l Historic Site & POW Museum, Military
Rome Area History Museum, Local History
Cherokee County Historical Society, Local History
White County Courthouse History Museum, Local History
Macon County Historical Museum, Local History
Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center, Science & Nature
———Free on Select Days or under Select Conditions, Links to Admissions Info Provided
———Tellus Science Museum: Admissions Info, Science
———Atlanta History Center: Special Offers Bank of America Weekends, General & Local History
———Booth Western Art Museum: Currently Thurs Free Admissions Info, Art
———Imagine It! The Children’s Museum of Atlanta: Free Second Tues of Month Target Tues Info, Children/Hands on
———Center for Puppetry Arts: Free Admission on Thursdays 1-3pm OR Fulton County Residents First Saturdays Info, Arts
———Atlanta Contemporary Art Center: Free Thursdays Admission Info, Art
———High Museum of Art: Free Admission for Fulton County Residents Only: 10am – 1pm First Sat of Month Info, Art
———The Bartow History Center: Free Admission Last Saturday of Month Admission Info, Local History
———Georgia Children’s Museum: ree First Friday 5:30pm-7pm Macon Residents: free tuesday and second saturday More info
———Michael C Carlos Museum: Free Admission on Select Dates and Programs Admission Info, General History & Art
———Albany Museum of Art: Free Admission on Select Dates Admission Info, Art
———Georgia Southern Museum: Free Admission Last Saturday of Month Admission Info, Science & Nature

Museum of Alabama, State History
Alabama State Capitol, Government & History
Alabama Veterans Museum, Military
Alabama Women’s Hall of Fame, Women & History
American Sport Art Museum & Archives, Sports & Art
Birmingham Museum of Art, Art
George Washington Carver Museum, Biographical, African American, History
Tuskegee Airmen Nat’l Historic Site, Aviation, African American, History
Carnegie Visual Art Center, Art
Clarke County Historical Museum, Local History
Cook’s Natural Science Museum, Science & Nature
Cullman County Museum, Local History
Dowling Museum & Rudd Art Center, Art
Fairhope Museum of History, Local History
Foley Railroad Museum, Railroad Transportation
Gulf Shores Museum, Local History
Guntersville Museum, Local History
Huntsville Museum of Art, Art
Jesse Owens Memorial Park & Museum, Biographical, Sports, History
Karl Harrison Museum of George Washington, Biographical, History
Kathryn Tucker Windham Museum, Biographical, History
Lee County Historical Center, Local History
Museum of East Alabama, Local History
Transportation Museum, Transportation
Wiregrass Museum of Art, Art
US Army Aviation Museum, Aviation, Military

Aiken County Historical Museum, Local History
American Military Museum, Military
Anderson County Museum, Local History
Avery Research for African American History & Culture, African American, History, Culture, Art
Camden Archives & Museum, Local History
Charles Pinckney Nat’l Historic Site, Biographical, History, Government
Cherokee County History & Arts, History, Art
Coastal Discovery Center, Environmental, Nature, Science
Colleton History Museum & Farmers Market, Local History
Columbia Fire Dept Museum, Profession
John Rivers Communications Museum, Topical, Communication Devices, Radios, etc History
Comporium Telephone Museum, Topical, Phones, History
Dillon County Museum, Local History
US Army Basic Combat Training Museum, Military
Railroad Historical Center, Railroad Transportation
Greer Heritage Museum, Local History
Pickens County Museums, Local History
Hartsville Museum, Local History
Hobcaw Barony Coastal Discovery, Environmental, Nature, Science
Kings Mountain National Military Park, Military
McKissik Museum, USC, Art
Nostalgia City & Museum, Assortment of Old Stuff
Oconee Heritage Center, Local History
Patriot’s Hall Oconee Veterans Museum, Military
Parris Island Museum, Military
SC Law Enforcement Officers Hall of Fame, Profession, Police
Spartanburg Regional History Museum, Local History
Spartanburg Art Museum, Art
Duke Energy World of Energy, Science, Nuclear Energy

Andrew Johnson Nat’l Historic Site, Biographical, Historical, Government
Cookeville History Museum, Local History
Cookeville Depot Museum, Railroad Transportation
Fort Donalson Nat’l Battlefield, Military
Granville Museum, Local History
Unicoi County Heritage Museum, Local History
Knoxville Museum of Art, Art
Little Congress Bicycle Museum, Transportation
Tennessee State Museum, State History
Bird Dog Foundation Museum, Animal
Nat’l Medal of Honor Museum, Military
Cowan Railroad Museum, Railroad Transportation
Scopes Monkey Trial Museum & Rhea County Courthouse, Legal, Court, History
Shiloh Nat’l Military Park, Military
Newspaper & Printing Museum, Topical, Communication
W. Tennessee Delta Heritage, Local History
W. Tennessee Regional Art, Art
Farragut Folklife Museum, History
Girl Scout Museum at Daisy’s Place, Topical, Girl Scouts
——Free Admission on Select Dates or Times
——Nat’l Civil Rights Museum: Free period Mondays (except holidays) 3pm-5pm: Admission Info

Learning with Kids in the Garden

Learning with Kids in the Garden

My sons have been in the garden since they were just crawling around in diapers as Grandma harvested tomatoes. I, myself, have been gardening since they were born. Anyone who knows me knows I’m all about Grow Food Not Lawns and every year I plan a bigger garden than I can handle. You can’t possibly NOT learn by having a garden. You are definitely going to learn things. But, it doesn’t hurt to have some extra knowledge up your sleeve to dish out when the times are right. Here’s a round up of some cool Kids in the Garden activities.

1. Dig, Plant Grow :: Available from, this is a free downloadable guide to creating your own garden curriculum. It may teach you a thing or two!

2. Garden Science Blog :: Gardening meets science meets adventure in this supercharged blog featuring plants and plant experiments

3. Easy Science Experiments Featuring Seed Starting :: Starting seeds and plants indoors is a good idea, especially for the kids’ garden. It starts the season and the kids can get a good grasp on germination and plant needs.

4. Free Garden Science Exploration Units :: Garden themed exploration units for elementary age children

5. Grow a Historical Herb Garden ::  Here’s a way to make history both interesting and relevant. Design a garden using plants that were used by people in colonial times.

Find more garden activities with kids on my pinterest board!


Fernbank Exhibit – Whales, Giants of the Deep

Jeremy Brooks / Foter / CC BY-NC

I crawled through a life-size model of a blue whale’s heart, today. My two sons and I fit snugly inside the monstrous replica heart and listened to the deep bellows of the biggest animal to ever live on planet Earth.

Unfortunately, I don’t have photos to share due to the, “No Photography,” rule of the exhibit. But, toward the end of relating my experience, I will share a website whose author was lucky enough to capture some scenes from the museum’s homeschool day.

This exhibit covered a tremendous amount of evolutionary time and human research of these magnificent animals. It would be fairly difficult to give a concise, yet detailed, summary and include all of the wonderful material and interactions.  I can, however, cover some of the interesting inclusions in the exhibit.

We were first presented with a detailed history of the evolution of whales complete with a visual fossil record of the awesome transformation. You see, whales began a long time ago as wolf-sized creatures who walked land. It’s difficult to comprehend the amount of time to pass between those days and the present. The visual aides, skeletons and videos, well documented the whale’s journey in a way my sons could appreciate and understand.

As we proceeded, we found ourselves standing in front of a floor to ceiling mural with images of all the different species of whales presented to scale. The images were grouped according to their shared similarities and introduces visitors to the concept of taxonomy.

As we continued wandering through this whale of an exhibit, we encountered several overwhelmingly large skeletons of whales; one of which, we later learned, had beached itself after ingesting plastic garbage it had mistaken for food. There were also “touch-encouraged,” examples of whale teeth, ribs and vertabra that truly gave us all a better impression of just how large these creatures can be.

One of the coolest interactive parts of the exhibit was the Sound Chamber. Inside this cozy nook, we were able to experience the wide range of frequencies that different types of whales use to communicate with one another. We were definitely mesmerized by the sounds of these animals as they communicated with family, hunted in packs or used echolocation to detect food sources. Whales have a surprisingly awesome sense of rhythm and it’s been discovered that they, “speak,” with accents – just like humans who live in different parts of the world.

We were also served a heaping helping of better understanding the threats and dangers these whales face from a variety of sources, including humans. It really opened our eyes to be shown the small amount of plastic it takes to bring down these massive creatures. A hard lesson to learn. But, now we can focus on trying to reduce our own use of these plastics. We were also able to learn how volunteers, researchers and scientists help these beached creatures and get them safely back into the ocean if possible.

The boys received a nice dose of geography with the “Georgia Connection,” which displayed information about Right Whales off the coast of Georgia.. even including Cumberland Island which we recently visited. More geography was covered by the maps of New Zealand which recorded the locations of whale beachings.

Toward the end of the exhibit, we find ourselves immersed in Maori culture. We were able to listen to several of the Maori legends involving whales and view a beautiful collection of decorated Maori artifacts.

I intend to elaborate with some links to related educational material on the internet with another post in the near future. So, keep a look out for it! I hope you will visit Fernbank’s Whales exhibit and take away as much appreciation for these creatures and the Maori people as we did. Now, for some photos…… check out Kathy’s Cluttered Mind for a review of Homeschool Day.

Free Online Courses!

 A wonderful list of websites providing free online courses.

Click the images to visit the site & find courses right for you!


OpenUpEd.EUAt the start, OpenupEd offered around 40 courses, covering a wide variety of subjects available in 12 different languages.  Already at the start we offered MOOCs with the possibility to obtain a formal certificate, i.e. official credits that can count towards obtaining a degree.


University of the PeopleOur aim, as it has always been, is to see to it that no student will be denied the right to access higher education due to financial constraints. Harnessing the power of the web, University of the People is the first among tuition-free universities, succeeding in cutting down almost the entire cost of higher education.


adobe generationAdobe® Generation is a series of free online courses designed for young people with a passion for creativity! If you want to know how to create stunning images, amazing animations, captivating videos, cool games and fab app designs then these courses are perfect for you!


udemyToday, 2 million students in 190+ countries are taking online courses on Udemy. They’re learning Programming, Yoga, Design, Photography, Spanish, Marketing, Guitar, Finance, Cake Decorating, and so much more.

More than 12,000 courses (in 10 different languages!) have been published in our marketplace. Each course is designed & taught by an expert instructor and hundreds of new courses are published every month.


MERLOT ( provides easy access to over 3,700 Free Online Courses. Simply click on a major topic heading and you can browse through the MERLOT collection of Free Online Courses.


Take the next step – choose something from thousands of hours of free Open University course materials.


Take great online courses from the world’s best universities with edX




KhanAcademyOur mission is to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. All of our resources are completely free forever, regardless of whether you’re a student, teacher, home-schooler, principal, adult returning to the classroom after 20 years, or a friendly alien just trying to get a leg up in earthly biology.



We’re closing the achievement gap. And the affordability gap.

It’s why Sophia was created. We enable students to become college ready and persist to degree completion. Our resources for teachers and online courses for students address the urgent social issues of academic disparity and the rising cost of post-secondary education.


courseraTake the world’s best courses, online, for free! Learn from 620 courses, from our 108 partners.


uredditLearn just about anything on ureddit, for free!




udacityOur online courses are built in partnership with technology leaders and are relevant to industry needs. Upon completing a Udacity course, you’ll receive a verified completion certificate recognized by industry leaders


For more, visit “Teach Yourself Academy,” pinterest board.

Free Online Courses