Seasonal Learning in Fall / Autumn

Seasonal Learning: 20 Things to Learn This Fall

There are some things that are better taught during certain seasons. Here are some seasonal learning prompts, for fall / autumn. Visit my Seasonal Fall Learning and Fun Pinterest Board for more information on these and other fall activities. HOW TO: Bake & Cook: Make a soup, Bake Bread, Make pumpkin pie from scratch! Riding: […]

24 Hours at Stone Mountain Park

24 hours, with kids, at Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park

I look back at my childhood, growing up near Atlanta, and one place towers over everything else: Stone Mountain. I had the pleasure of rediscovering Stone Mountain Park, this past weekend, exploring with my own children. There are two sides to Stone Mountain Park that give it a unique place in the hearts of all who […]

Exploring St Augustine with Tweens

Exploring St. Augustine with Tweens

As you can imagine, my two tween sons keep me in search of buzzing action to satisfy their indomitable spirits while balancing quality family-bonding experiences and some downtime. This mom’s on a mission to weave their youthful exuberance with moments of simplicity. Normally, this is no easy task. But, in the heart of, “The Old […]


Mythbusting Pirate Lore & Legends in St Augustine Florida – Pirate & Treasure Museum Giveaway

Buried among the shops and eateries of Florida’s Historic Coast, we uncovered a treasure trove of history visiting the Pirate & Treasure Museum. I have no hesitation in saying that this was positively one of the most captivating experiences I’ve had in a history museum. Mythbusting your way through the Pirate & Treasure Museum is […]


Metro Atlanta Homeschool Events May 5 – May 9, 2014

  A list of Metro Atlanta Homeschool Events from May 5 – 9, 2014 All descriptions are official event descriptions are not my opinion, review or experience. Find more events on the Southeast US Homeschool Events Calendar. Submit Homeschool Events to the Calendar by scrolling to the bottom of this page.   Museum of Design Atlanta […]

50 free state park apps

50 Free Official State Parks Apps

I’m gearing up for some upcoming posts (and a giveaway) about traveling and enjoying the outdoors and thought I’d give y’all a little taste of what’s to come. These are all the Official & Approved Guide Apps for United States State Parks Systems. Find your state or the state you’re visiting and get all the […]


Incredible Eggs! Science, History and more to do with all those Easter Eggs

There is more to do with eggs than making colorful (edible) art for Easter celebrations. Eggs are fascinating! They’re amazing! You might even say they are eggs-ellent. Take a tour around these websites and rediscover the most common symbol of Easter! Begin the tour with the anatomy of a chicken egg. Do you know what […]

125 Free Admission Museums Around The South

Free Admission to 125 Museums Around the South

A collection of Free Museums Around The South including the states of Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina. A note about the map: The Locations marked with green pointers are always free. The locations marked with red pointers are free on select dates and the information about those dates has been provided. You can also […]

Learning with Kids in the Garden

Learning with Kids in the Garden

My sons have been in the garden since they were just crawling around in diapers as Grandma harvested tomatoes. I, myself, have been gardening since they were born. Anyone who knows me knows I’m all about Grow Food Not Lawns and every year I plan a bigger garden than I can handle. You can’t possibly […]


Fernbank Exhibit – Whales, Giants of the Deep

Jeremy Brooks / Foter / CC BY-NC I crawled through a life-size model of a blue whale’s heart, today. My two sons and I fit snugly inside the monstrous replica heart and listened to the deep bellows of the biggest animal to ever live on planet Earth. Unfortunately, I don’t have photos to share due […]

Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses!

 A wonderful list of websites providing free online courses. Click the images to visit the site & find courses right for you!   At the start, OpenupEd offered around 40 courses, covering a wide variety of subjects available in 12 different languages.  Already at the start we offered MOOCs with the possibility to obtain a […]

Teach Yourself Academy

Teach Yourself Academy

This is a list of websites where you can take free courses from reputable educational sources such as MIT, Yale, Harvard and other universities as well as from other sources such as Adobe, Lifehacker and more. This list is continually growing and you can keep up with it better by following the, “Teach Yourself Academy” […]

Skate it or Hang it? Museum of Design Atlanta

Skate it or Hang it? Skateboard Art at Museum of Design Atlanta

  The boys and I had a fantastic time scoping out some modern, and old school, skateboard art at Museum of Design Atlanta. My brother was a, “skater,” in the 90s and I had lots of skater friends.. so, this exhibit was like a trip on Mr. Peabody’s, “Wayback Machine.” The museum itself, only holds […]

Wizard on Halloween

The Salem Witchcraft Trials

Our recent visit to Homeschool Day, at the Atlanta History Center, led to a great interest in the Salem Witchcraft Trials. During the event, we were given a page full of characteristics to identify witches, werewolves and people possessed by the devil. If we found any, we could bring them to court where they must […]

Atlanta History Center Strange History Homeschool Craft 1

Homeschooling at the Atlanta History Center

We recently attended the Atlanta History Center’s homeschool days about colonial life (in September) and Strange History (in October). The events were awesome! (I have written a detailed review with all you need to “know before you go,” at Expedition Mom. However, it is in the lineup for release.) There has been an ongoing, interactive […]

Genghis Khan 001A

The Great Genghis Khan comes to Fernbank Museum

Genghis Khan was a bloodthirsty, barbaric conqueror. Or, so we have been led to believe. There’s another side to the story that has been locked in an ancient text, “The Secret History of the Mongols,” that has been extremely mysterious and difficult to translate. But, the fall of the Soviet Union freed Mongolia from an […]

Gold Panning at Consolidated Gold Mine

Discover Gold in Dahlonega, Georgia

A few weeks ago, we went to explore the history surrounding the first Gold Rush in the United States. It happened in Dahlonega, Georgia! We visited Consolidated Gold Mine, which was a working mine during the gold rush and converted for tourism in the 1980s. They offer a tour of the underground mine & gold/gem […]

Newspaper Interview Sheet, Describe America

Newspaper Interviews Printable, Describe America in Three Words

The boys have always been interested in the United States, probably because we live here. To give them an experience interviewing folks, I have created a newspaper page for describing the USA in three words. The activity starts by printing out the Interview Sheet.. Remember, click the image preview for the fullsize printable versions. Use […]

Young Eagles

Young Eagles First Flight Thrills

The Young Eagles program is designed to give youth the opportunity to experience and develop an interest in flight. By offering youth, ages 8-18, a free flight; the EAA hopes to encourage today’s kids to get involved in aviation. The pilots are all volunteers who simply want to share their passion for flying with the […]

Printable: Newspaper, The Year I Was Born

Printable Newspaper Activity, “The Year I Was Born”

This printable was inspired by the Cub Scouts. Part of the heritage requirements, this printable helps you find out more about the year you were born from various resources as well as people who lived during that year! Click the preview for a fullsize printable version! If you’re interested in more personal history, try making […]

Greek Gods Family Tree

Greek Mythology: Greek God Family Tree & Mythological Maps

In this post, you can find some visual resources to help understand the Gods of Greek Mythology & The places mentioned in Greek Mythology. I have compiled a couple family trees, some maps and some other internet resources!   We loved, Tales from The Odyssey, by Mary Pope Osbourne. My oldest son has long enjoyed the […]