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Homemade Ornaments

This post is going to be ongoing. I’m simply going to update it as we make more homemade ornaments throughout the month. Instead of decorating our tree all at one time, we decided to putContinue reading

Printable Ornament Set

I made this set of Printable Ornaments for printing & decorating! Use them as gift tags, or decorate your tree! <~~ You will see a tool box like this above the PDF. Click the blackContinue reading

Homemade Birdseed Ornaments

These make a nice simple gift, this time of year. They’re also good for attracting birds to the yard for nature journal viewing. I found the original recipe at saltwater-kids.com & added some more flour.

Homemade Gift Boxes

Homemade Gift Boxes Template

Make your own small gift boxes using cardstock & this printable template. This template is blank, so you can decorate the outside by painting, drawing, or stamping it. But, it’s really just a template soContinue reading

Geology dig Kit

Homemade Geology Dig Kit

This is an easy gift to make for a rockhound or fossil hunter on your list!! My son recently purchased a $15 “Rock & Gems Dig” Kit from Smithsonian. It was lame and he wasContinue reading

Portable Moon Sand Station

Portable Moon Sand Station

I found a recipe for moon sand and was instantly struck with a fantastic idea for this portable moon sand station. This portable moon sand station would make the perfect gift for youngsters who like constructingContinue reading