Everglades Video Thumb

A glimpse of Everglades!

A glimpse of what we saw in Everglades National Park & Big Cypress National Preserve on our December Road Trip around Florida. This is the amazing...

Okefenokee Swamp

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Everglades Video Thumb

A glimpse of Everglades!

A glimpse of what we saw in Everglades National Park & Big Cypress National Preserve on our December Road Trip around Florida. This is t...

Homeschool Events

sweetwater creek

Come Hike Sweetwater Creek with Georgia Family Explorers! April 24

  Sweetwater Creek State Park has completed repaving the parking lot! So, Georgia Family...


Everglades Video Thumb

A glimpse of Everglades!

A glimpse of what we saw in Everglades National Park & Big Cypress National Preserve on our December Road Trip around Florida. This is t...



You will NOT tip the kayak! Women Discover Kayaking #girl2glades

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A glimpse of Everglades!

A glimpse of what we saw in Everglades National Park & Big Cypress National Preserve on our December Road Trip around Florida. This is the amazing place that has set me on my quest to kayak!

Come Hike Sweetwater Creek with Georgia Family Explorers! April 24

sweetwater creek


Georgia Family ExplorersSweetwater Creek State Park has completed repaving the parking lot! So, Georgia Family Explorers is hiking out to the mill on Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 11AM. PLEASE RSVP or we won’t be looking for you and might miss you!  You can also find driving  directions & the meeting place by following the link.

Sweetwater Creek is a really beautiful place and the hike to the mill is an easy hike that just about anybody can do without a problem. Be sure to pack drinking water and snacks or lunch along with any other essentials your family may need. Looking forward to meeting you there!


He’s not shy, upset or left out. 5 tips for parents of introverts

introvert jamesI have two sons and, taking after their momma, they both show tendencies toward introversion. Introversion simply means they need time to themselves to recharge. They like to move away from others in order to think and process. Many times this can be mistaken for being shy, angry, upset or feeling left out. But, it’s different. When my son moves away from the crowd to go sit by himself, it’s not because he’s shy. On the contrary, he’s a very confident person who enjoys having one-on-one conversations with a variety of folks. He has even made friends with the local grocery store’s, “free sample lady,” who he’s been visiting regularly for almost three years. His punctuality, genuine friendliness and courteous behavior help him build lasting relationships.

introvert james2

He doesn’t feel, “left out.” He feels like sitting out. Often, my son will look for opportunities to quietly disappear from a group.. even at family functions. One minute, he’ll be chomping down on the celebratory treats or chatting it up with family members and the next he’ll be gone. If it’s daylight, I will usually be able to find him by glancing outside to catch him sitting all by his lonesome self. I know, however, that it’s not loneliness. It’s introversion.

As an adult, I can’t tell you how difficult it is for other people to deal with my introvert tendencies. If I sit off to the side, uninterested in small talk or disappear for a walk in the fresh air of the outdoors.. people wonder. They wonder all sorts of things. They tend to turn my need for quiet and solitude and disinterest in group discussions into something about them or something wrong. But, it’s neither. It’s all about me… and it’s all about what’s right for me, not what’s wrong with me.

IMG_4193The same goes for my son. I understand this. But, many parents don’t. This is the danger of always jumping in to, “save the day,” and taking your introvert child’s mannerisms and behavior in a way it wasn’t intended to express. An introvert child doesn’t always want to be part of a group activity. They don’t always want to be included. They can be deep thinking individuals who rely on being able to separate from the group in order to satisfy a craving for thought processing and energy recharging.

Think of it in terms of your mobile device. When the battery is running low, you plug it in to recharge. If you set it and forget it, it will charge quickly and you can be on your way. But, if you consistently mess with it while it’s charging, the charging process will be slower and could be interrupted altogether.

Ways to allow your introvert to recharge…
1. Don’t assume that, by attending a social event, your child wants to be included in the group activity non-stop from start to finish. If they walk away, let them.

2. Don’t jump in to save the day by pestering an introvert with questions about why they, “aren’t having fun,” or “sitting by themselves.” Just leave them alone. You can wait until they approach you before asking a less judgmental question like, “Did you enjoy your quiet time sitting by yourself?” Forming your question this way doesn’t imply that there’s something weird or wrong about taking some time to yourself. It’s important for them to know that it’s ok to get away and recharge or they can become overloaded, overwhelmed and cranky trying to be more, “normal.” 

3. Be quiet with your child. My son and I enjoy getting away from the group and walking quietly with each other. We don’t have to talk about everything. It’s ok to just walk along and be in silence, together. There are plenty of sounds to hear & enjoy that aren’t spoken. Introverts like to pay attention to those sounds.

upload_IMG_4817 -2
4. Let them warm up to a conversation. Sometimes, it takes a moment to realize that someone is trying to have a conversation. Introverts tend to have a lot going on in their mind and may not be receptive to outside questions & statements. Always give an option of talking about it later, if they are having a difficult time connecting with the conversation you want to have. This gives them time to ponder the seed you’ve planted with your questions and statements before diving into a conversation unsure.

5. Don’t take it personally. An introvert’s need to be alone has nothing to do with you or anyone else. It’s all them. It doesn’t mean they find you uninteresting or that they don’t like you. It just means, they need to “plug in,” and recharge and don’t want you pushing their buttons while they do it. 

I don’t know what my child learned, today. #homeschool #unschool

seanwindyhairToday, we set off with Georgia Family Explorers on a hike at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. It’s a typical day for us doing what we love. This time, exploring nature in the great outdoors. After 7 years of unschooling, you’d think I’d be a master. But, even in lucky year number 7, I hear a familiar old voice creeping up in my mind to ask, “What did my son learn, today?

I don’t try to shake it off or forget about it. I indulge and seek out the answer. I know that no matter what we do, he learns something. It’s ok to wonder.. it’s ok to ask yourself..  My mind raced back through the day, scanning the minutes for some big breakthrough or that magic moment.

All of a sudden, the reel in my mind slowed down to a standstill. A scene filled my senses.. children gathered atop a boulder, gathered around something. It must be something very interesting because they’re all bent over, straining to get a look.



I move in closer and hear my son’s voice answering questions about the object that has all of their attentions. He’s telling them all about this little creature. A lizard. It’s something he has studied in the field, in books, museums and documentaries. He’s sharing his knowledge freely and with confidence. 


At the time it happened, it was just Sean being Sean. But, as an answer to my question, “What did my child learn, today?” It was a special answer as we come full circle and my little learner uses natural occurrences to compellingly share his passion. 

IMG_5734 -1

Join us for Georgia Family Explorers!


Metro Atlanta Homeschool Events April 21-25, 2014

A list of Metro Atlanta Homeschool Events from April 21 to April 25, 2014
All descriptions are official event descriptions are not my opinion, review or experience.
Find more events on the Southeast US Homeschool Events Calendar. Submit Homeschool Events to the Calendar by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

  • Autrey Mill Nature Preserve Homeschool Day - Monday, April 21st, 10am-2pm.
    The focus will be understanding what farmers need to consider in growing a successful crop. Through experiments, nature hike, and activities students will investigate soil composition, water quality, fertilizers, composting, and the story of cotton.
    (bring a packed lunch and drink)
    For ages 6-11, Parents are not required to attend (but are welcome to stay and enjoy the preserve).
    $15 for members, $20 for non-members
    Please register at least 24 hours in advance of class. Call our office if interested in late
  • Minecraft Monday at Powder Springs Library – Monday, April 21, 12pm-3pm
    Bring your laptops, ipads, and lunch to this Mini Minecon at Powder Springs Library!

  • Museum of History & Holocaust Education – Wed, April 23, 9:30am,-12:30pm
    The Museum of History & Holocaust Education invites you to our free Homeschool Days! Experience hands-on activities, special guest speakers, docent-led tours, and age-appropriate films. Homeschool Days are suitable for 4th grade and up; please RSVP to rharker@kennesaw.edu.
  • Georgia Family Explorers Hiking Sweetwater Creek State Park – Thurs, April 24, 11AM-1PM
    Join Georgia Family Explorers on a hike to the mill at Sweetwater Creek State Park. I have verified with the park that the parking lot repaving project is complete! Please RSVP to ensure you can find us and we look for you!
  • Marietta Heritage Homeschool Passport Day – Thurs, April 24, 10am-3pm
    Offering a variety of activities, stories and costumed docents, the Marietta Gone With The Wind Museum, The Marietta Museum of History & The Root House Museum & Garden are partnering together to bring homeschool students an exciting way to learn about Marietta and it’s role during the civil war.Tickets are $15/person. Please purchase Heritage Passport Tickets which include admission to every museum, at the Marietta Welcome Center at 3 Depot St, Marietta GA. Read more..


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