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Sweetwater Creek State Park in Springtime

Sweetwater in Springtime

I paid all my bills, last night. I know, super exciting. It’s actually a big deal for me, because when I get stressed out paying my bills is one of the first things I stopContinue reading

Good friendship always lasts forever

The band played another tune, just for me.. a private concert aimed directly into my mind by a pair of fantastic, noise-cancelling headphones that effectively separate me from the rest of the world. A questContinue reading

2016: A Year of Revival

  The past several years have been incredibly challenging. In 2011, my husband died. By the end of 2015, I may have finally wandered so far into the realms of darkness, emptiness, and questioning thatContinue reading

Why light candles in memoriam?

Why light candles in memoriam?

While I am not what most folks would consider a spiritual person, I do entertain ideas about life’s big questions. Most of these ideas are extremely difficult to put down in words. Try as I might toContinue reading

Who are you and where have you been?

“Tell your stories,” said the fly fisherman, “don’t let them die with you.” He then led us outside to recite the passage that reminded me of The importance of the silence between us. Two very conflicting messages..Continue reading