Month: May 2012

Orange Kids! Website for Kids Money & Finances

Finances for Kids! Orange Kids

I posted, recently, about the chores & allowance issue with my boys. Quick recap: Together, we devised a points system for them to earn points for completing tasks on a list of their own design. The pointsContinue reading

Young Eagles

Young Eagles First Flight Thrills

The Young Eagles program is designed to give youth the opportunity to experience and develop an interest in flight. By offering youth, ages 8-18, a free flight; the EAA hopes to encourage today’s kids toContinue reading

Printable Flight Weather Tracker

Paper Airplanes & Flight Conditions

I found this cool packet of ideas for aspiring aviators, One cool idea I’m taking from it is weather conditions for flying. Make paper airplanes (I’m sure if you do a search you can findContinue reading