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Embracing My Holiday Blues

Bah Humbug! Embracing My Holiday Blues

Admittedly, I do not like holidays or weekends. I am the quintessential grouchy grinch. Everything about the winter holidays annoys me. Walking through a store becomes a dreadful chore that leaves me feeling alienated fromContinue reading

Grief Beyond Belief

As a widow, I belong to several virtual support groups for the bereaved. While I seldom post anything, I often read and relate to the voices of utter despair from the darkest corners of their lives.Continue reading

My life like the river

Life on planet earth is like a river flowing free. We carry on sometimes as a trickle, sometimes as Rapids… often gentle movement & other times, raging floodwaters. We can be crystal clear like theContinue reading

Me & My Crazy Horse

Moms — How do YOU do it??

Fellow mom and blogger, Maria Smith, poses this question after offering an intimate view of her life as mom, “How do YOU do it?” She explains that she sees moms making forts, getting dirty with theContinue reading