Bird Watching, Parts of a Bird

Nature Journal: Bird Watching Resources & Printables

Our nature journal gathering, this month, will focus on birds. We’re preparing to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count, Feb 17-20 2012. Here are some resources from this month’s focus.


First, I printed these posters from Project FeederWatch to keep in my journal for quick & easy reference to some common feeder birds. Click the image for a full size printable version.

(click for fullsize) Bird Watching, Eastern Feeder Birds, Project Feederwatch

Bird Watching, Eastern Feeder Birds 2, Project Feederwatch

I also printed this page to help me better describe and identify birds that I watch. This will help me learn how to describe birds by their body parts.

Bird Watching, Parts of a Bird

l have also made attractive birdseed ornaments. I found a great recipe, here. Although, after having made a couple batches, I recommend using only 1/2 cup of flour.

Nature Craft, Bird Seed Ornaments

I have also been using WhatBird, to help identify birds I don’t recognize. There are some great apps for birdwatchers!

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