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Young Eagles First Flight Thrills

Young Eagles First Flight Thrills InspectionThe Young Eagles program is designed to give youth the opportunity to experience and develop an interest in flight. By offering youth, ages 8-18, a free flight; the EAA hopes to encourage today’s kids to get involved in aviation. The pilots are all volunteers who simply want to share their passion for flying with the kids who come for free flights! The best part, is that there are Young Eagles chapters flying kids all over the world and you can find out more about it, here, on the Young Eagles Website.

The boys were understandably excited about this. It was their first time in any kind of aircraft. We spent about a week learning about planes, aerodynamics, weather conditions and the history of flight before the big day. When it was all over, they were given a Young Eagles Logbook with their first flight recorded by the pilot & free access to an online Pilot’s Course. You can get all the details, including what to “Know Before You Go,” from my Expedition Mom Young Eagles Adventure Guide.

Get started making this thrilling adventure into a great learning opportunity, There are lots of resources to explore in order to find just the right combination of resources and activities for any learning type.

I think the most comprehensive resource is the EAA’s Aviation Activity Cookbook. It includes individual experiments, activities, curriculum and more all organized into school age groups. It’s a huge supply of fun for the young aviators and scientists. It is not to be overlooked. Click here to view the Aviation Activity Cookbook.

I currently know that Young Eagles meets at the following locations local to Georgians:
Flightways in Columbus, Georgia.
EAA 976 in Carrolton, Georgia.
EAA 268 in Calhoun, GA.

You can also participate in “Paper Airplanes & Flight Conditions,” using our printable Weather Conditions Log.

Check out these awesome resources I’ve compiled for your YOUNG EAGLES!

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  1. Young Eagles is an amazing program! My oldest took his first flight for his 8th birthday, 4 years ago. #2 is set to fly this fall and # 3 next summer:) We fly with Chapter #690 in Gwinnett.

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