5 ways to learn science through art

5 simple ways to learn science through art

5 ways to learn science through art

Do you have a budding artist or a young scientist? Either way, these 5 simple projects combine art and science for the best of both worlds.

Red Cabbage Tie Dye from BlogMeMom

1. Red Cabbage Tie-Dye. from BlogMeMom

This simple and fun project covers so many basics it’s a must-do for any life-long learner or crafty DIY scientist. Taking tie-dye to a much more interesting level, using science to create your one-of-a-kind t-shirts.




Make Rainbow Roses2. Rainbow Roses from Pinappu

“It is a simple process but the results are magnificent. You can do this by using transportation system of vascular plants. The xylem tubes of the roses stem sucks water and send it to the top end, to the leaves and the petals of the flowers. If the stem of a rose is submerged in colored water, it will pump the colored water to the flower. From the petals the water is evaporated but the color particles remain there. In this way the colors will be stored in the petals. As the outer layer of the petals of a white rose is transparent it will show this particular color. Do you get the physics (and botany too) behind?”

Pendulum Painting3. Pendulum Painting from Martha Stewart

This spirograph-inspired project from TV crafter¬†Jim “Figgy” Noonan¬†combines science and art to create a one-of-a-kind design. The designs these neat contraptions create are the coolest.

There’s a bit of planning involved with this one. But, if you have older kids who enjoy design, science or art – this couldn’t be a better match for combining science and art.


Science + Art, Watercolors and Oil from BabbleDabbleDo4. Watercolors & Oil from BabbleDabbleDo

Use this quick & easy art project to demonstrate the reaction between oils & water. They just don’t mix. There are a million different experiments for demonstrating this. But, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one quite so wonderfully artsy.


5. Science Dioramas

Dioramas can be related to anything… books, history, science.. But, there’s one thing they’re always related to: ART! Use your passion for any topic to create a neat diorama like these:

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