I don’t know what my child learned, today.

seanwindyhairToday, we set off with Georgia Family Explorers on a hike at Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. It’s a typical day for us doing what we love. This time, exploring nature in the great outdoors. After 7 years of unschooling, you’d think I’d be a master. But, even in lucky year number 7, I hear a familiar old voice creeping up in my mind to ask, “What did my son learn, today?

I don’t try to shake it off or forget about it. I indulge and seek out the answer. I know that no matter what we do, he learns something. It’s ok to wonder.. it’s ok to ask yourself..  My mind raced back through the day, scanning the minutes for some big breakthrough or that magic moment.

All of a sudden, the reel in my mind slowed down to a standstill. A scene filled my senses.. children gathered atop a boulder, gathered around something. It must be something very interesting because they’re all bent over, straining to get a look.



I move in closer and hear my son’s voice answering questions about the object that has all of their attentions. He’s telling them all about this little creature. A lizard. It’s something he has studied in the field, in books, museums and documentaries. He’s sharing his knowledge freely and with confidence. 


At the time it happened, it was just Sean being Sean. But, as an answer to my question, “What did my child learn, today?” It was a special answer as we come full circle and my little learner uses natural occurrences to compellingly share his passion. 

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  1. Love it. I have that same voice in my head too…and then I hear my kids speaking out about things they’ve learned to other kids and adults and it makes me smile. We love unschooling!

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