Win $250 from Dick's Sporting Goods #STRONGMOM

Are you a #STRONGMOM ? Enter to win $250 from Dick’s Sporting Goods


Whether it’s dodging flying baby food, wrestling toddlers in a tickle fight, hiking up a mountain with a baby on your back (Lesli Peterson), or just trying to throw together something edible before you run out of steam.. We’re all strong moms! Maybe you’re a marathon runner, maybe you’re just getting into a daily walking routine… Dick’s Sporting Goods has y’all covered with this awesome giveaway just in time for Mother’s Day! I recently stocked up on my favorite keen hiking boots there and got a great half-off deal.

Strong Mom

For a chance to win one of the eight $250 gift cards, you’ll need to have facebook & pinterest accounts so you can PIN it to WIN it! Visit the link below, choose the image that you think keeps Strong Moms going & enter. It’s that easy! Happy Mother’s Day!


As a paid promoter of the contest, I’m ineligible to win.

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