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Camp Cook Chronicles: Greetings From Cloudland Canyon

Greetings from Cloudland CanyonWe spent the past week gradually stepping down rungs in the ladder from our life at a modern subdivision in Metro Atlanta to a sleepy cabin in the woods, a comfy yurt and finally home sweet tent. We’ve hiked miles, observed countless little creatures, listened to the birds & bees, walked in the rain, viewed the sunrise over a lake and watched it set from a canyon overlook.

I needed this time with my sons to assess their interests and skills. Growing up happens so fast that it’s sometimes easy for mom to lose track of the person they are creating deep within themselves and equally hard  to grasp their ever-growing arsenal of abilities.

I’ve always recognized that while we share a bond that often feels like the connective tissues of a single being, they are their own persons with their own strengths and interests. I have done my best to introduce new experiences that will allow us all to share our individuality, expand our skill sets and develop new passions. But, hiking and working together show me how complimentary we’ve all become to each other.

We work so well as a team that it makes the knowledge of impending separation a challenge for the imagination.
Year after year, I find myself giving away responsibilities and growing more dependent upon the skills these boys have developed. In a way, it’s nice that they are capable of taking on some of the load. In another way, I revel in the responsibilities that they still bestow upon me, knowing that one day they will take those as well.

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