Gear Guide: KineMaster Video Editor Android App

Gear Guide: Kinemaster Video Editing App for Android

Gear Guide: KineMaster Video Editor Android App

KineMaster is a sleek video editing app that I used to create a quick video for #HikeOnHumpDay. It was fast, easy and best of all–a complete, professional video editor that goes with me everywhere I carry my Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Disclosure: I will be compensated for the time it took me to create a sample video and review this app. Compensation for my time does not influence my review.

What I like about KineMaster Mobile Video Editor..

It’s portable. The features are robust. It renders quickly. It uploads HD videos straight to your social media empire. It was so easy to use, I didn’t even have to ask my kid for help. There’s not a lot to dislike. KineMaster is simple to learn, particularly if you have any experience using another video editor. I quickly pieced together my first video in a matter of minutes using my video clips and photographs coupled with KineMaster’s transition effects and background music. Check it out!

Keep in mind, that’s just my first video! I’ve played around with the app several more times since I made this video. It just gets more amazing as I get the hang of utilizing the features.

Download the free KineMaster app from Google Play Store and give it a try. It doesn’t add any weird stuff to your phone. There are no ads within the app and no push notification ads from it either.

What I don’t like about KineMaster Mobile Video Editor..

You know, I actually hesitate to say I dislike something about KineMaster because it is so versatile being loaded on my phone. But, I couldn’t figure out how to rotate images – that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. I just couldn’t figure it out. The only other issue I ran across was precision. It was hard to trim a clip down to the milliseconds. But, that could be chalked up to the inaccurate use of my fingers on the screen. Next time, I’ll try using the Note’s stylus to see if I have a better result.

Gear Gauge

Gear Gauge for KineMaster Video EditorKineMaster is full of features to create fantastic videos. The rendering speed is fast which is a huge deal for me. The fact that I can use it anywhere I have my phone and upload my new videos straight to social media and youtube is invaluable.

The app is free to use with the KineMaster watermark. You can remove the watermark for a $40 annual subscription. I’m no stranger to video creation. The software on my computer costs hundreds of dollars. .

I think it is definitely worth the money. I will be purchasing a subscription to use KineMaster without the watermark. It’s the perfect tool for me to record snippets of our adventures to share with family and friends.

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  1. Video is something I really want to study and use more, but never seem like I have the time. This looks like a good app to get started, but will need it for iPhone.

    1. Ahh.. iPhone vs Android. LOL I don’t think they have an iPhone version, Karon. But, the gals from the video session at Type-A recommended iMovie for iPhone, if that helps. 🙂

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