We're changing names!

Happy Trails, Wild Tales

We're changing names!

I’m excited to announce that Long Live Learning is growing, expanding and changing direction. Along with this comes a name change. The site will now be titled, “Happy Trails, Wild Tales,” and is now accessible via the domain HappyTrailsWildTales.com.

This was not an easy decision to make. After all, I just had 500 business cards printed with “Long Live Learning,” that I’ll be passing out at a conference this weekend. Go ahead and laugh… It’s funny. The thing is, I have several posts sitting in draft that I am struggling to publish because I fail to see how my current direction matches the original purpose of the site – homeschool resources.

I started this thing on the heels of the most devastating experience of my life, the death of my husband. How was I to know that, despite my best efforts, that event would change everything about my life? Now, that I am picking myself up and dusting off, I can more clearly see that I have clawed my way out of the darkness as if I were buried right alongside him and left to dig my way out of the grave.

For three years, I have uncovered myself one suffocating handful of darkness at a time and as I turn away from that pit of loneliness, I see a new direction for me to take my life. This is where Happy Trails, Wild Tales is born – from experience, exploration and an appreciation for this life on planet Earth.

For the most part, I have already been making more posts in the direction I’m taking the site – outdoors! Here are some things appearing more regularly on Happy Trails, Wild Tales.

  • Outdoors & Nature
    We spend a lot of our time outdoors and I want to bring more of that experience to the forefront. I am currently a student, enrolled in college, studying Environmental Science. All of us are campers, hikers, kayakers, mountain bikers, budding naturalists and always looking for a great place to explore and broaden our knowledge of planet earth.
  • Family Travel & Adventure
    I’m offering encouragement and inspiration to other families who want to hit the road, whether it’s a staycation or a road trip. I’m sharing my fears, doubts, and the challenges I overcome to give my boys (and myself) the experiences that we really want for our lives.
  • A Personal Perspective
    I’m posting more of my photos, more meaningful thoughts and feelings about our life experiences, probably some history and behind-the-scenes. You’ll read more about that woman behind the camera, behind the veil; the captain of this particular time machine on planet earth.
  • Gear Guides
    Let’s face it… Being a mom, a writer, a student, an outdoor enthusiast and a photographer all come with huge collections of favorite and failed gear. I’ll share my experiences in gear guides to help outfit y’all with your own collections of field-tested faves.
  • Video
    While there is little chance of me going viral, I’m definitely seeing the benefits of moving some of my content to video. I’ve already created a few. But, you can expect the quality and regularity to improve.

That’s it! So, be like a tree and stick around for Happy Trails, Wild Tales!

16 thoughts on “Happy Trails, Wild Tales

  1. Good for you for knowing you wanted to go in a different direction blog-wise. Grief can change us in ways we’d never imagine (not just a platitude – I’m experiencing the same thing!). I look forward to following along with Happy Trails, Wild Tales!

  2. Congrats on your rebranding! I love your name change and I look forward to following you down your happy trails and hearing all of your wild tales! Love. It.

  3. I’ve been thinking about rebranding too since my blog is now lifestyle instead of just product reviews but I have noticed people have been googling “Product Review Mom” and I don’t want to get people confused. Congrats on rebranding Candy!

  4. Good luck with the rebranding! You’ve got to stick with what you’re passionate about, and it sounds like this new direction is just that. Can’t wait to read more!

  5. Rebranding is good and believe me I know. I had two separate sites that I had to combine into one (still doing so) because I was doing way to much. It took me a year to come up with something that could combine the two. Can’t wait to see the new adventures.

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