May Reflections & Explorers Log

Playing catch up.. May 2015 Reflections & Explorers Log

May Reflections & Explorers Log
Hi y’all! I’m treating myself and my friends to monthly reflections, this year. These are meant to help me keep track and make sense of things. I am one of those creative types that flourish in clutter and chaos. I’m also the first to admit that my way is no way to keep any sort of order.

Our May reflection is courtesy of the Georgia Go Fish Education Center. 
The sooner I fall behind, the more time I have to catch up. ~Author Unknown

Some of you may know that I’m doing this school thing where I learn stuff in the hopes that one day I’ll be smart. The end of May into June proved to be a challenging time for balancing my explorations and work with my oldest son’s entry into the teenage years (#13). My biggest achievement this month has to be earning my Wilderness and Backcountry First Aid Certification. I am very happy knowing what I can do for others in the case of an emergency on the trail or at camp. Now, it’s halfway through June and I’m playing catch up with the blog. 🙂 

May 3: Fishing at Sweetwater Creek State Park

Georgia fishing! #gastateparks #gofishga #exploregeorgia #happy #outdoorfamilies

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May 6: Hike with friends at Leone Hall Price Park

May 11: Bought the most expensive pair of pants I’ve ever owned at REI. They cost $70 and they are army green! Insanity.

May 11: Kids To Parks Day on Explore Georgia


May 13: Visited the Go Fish Education Center in Perry, Georgia: Read about it on Explore Georgia

May 16: Took Buddy Bison camping

From his camp #buddyBison says Good morning #KidsToParks #outdoorfamilies

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May 17: Earned my Wilderness & Backcountry First Aid Certification

Wilderness & Backcountry First Aid
Wilderness & Backcountry First Aid

May 21: Took a ride to explore beaches and campgrounds near Lake Allatoona. Check it out on Explore Georgia

Camping at Lake Allatoona
Camping at Lake Allatoona

May 22: Hit the Mountain Bike Trails at Allatoona Creek

Mountain biking on this gorgeous day. “I made that hill! I finally made that hill! ” -J Bear #GeorgiaBikes #mtb

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May 24: At REI again, $$$$

May 29: My oldest son turned 13, making me the mom of a teenager!

I'm the mom of a teenager! #13 Birthday Party
I’m the mom of a teenager! #13 Birthday Party


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