Goal Setting for Kids

Goal Setting & Resolutions for Kids

I have been thinking about goal setting for kids. I think it’s really important for them to set their own goals to work toward, rather than be handed some goals by someone else. I think the hardest part of goal setting is racking your brain for what it is we truly want to accomplish or achieve, It’s not always right there in the forefront of our mind. So, I devised a simple method for discovering and  identifying the goals that are already present and simply waiting to  be recognized.

Goal Setting for KidsWhen you are ready to print, click a link to the Printable PDF file and print from there. Thanks!

The method I came up with is comprised of three sheets. The first is a questionnaire to help you get to know yourself a little better. The second sheet corresponds with the questionnaire to help you choose items to turn into goals. The third sheet can be printed multiple times and is a guide to helping you achieve your goal by getting you to think about how you’ll go about it, who’s going to help you and even set a deadline if you wish. This also makes a great inclusion to a journal.


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