Chores for Kids!

Each child is different and has a different ability level that may or may not match up to a general age grouping. However, this list is mainly to serve as an idea bank for helping to think of ways to provide kids with more independence & responsibility. I don’t force my kids to do chores. But, having a list like this helps me to remember that some jobs may be too challenging, or that as they get older new chores can be brought to their attention. Some kids enjoy chores.. some don’t. ┬áMy younger son definitely does more chores than my older son, simply because he has this internal auto-motivation that drives him to do so. This doesn’t present a problem. The children aren’t fighting because one does more chores than the other, because I don’t make a big deal out of it.

Age Appropriate Chore List
2-3 Years Old
Help make the bed
Pick up toys & books
Put dirty laundry in bin
Help wipe up messes
Dust with socks on their hands
Sweep up a mess with a handheld broom & dustpan
My sons also enjoyed helping to unload the silverware from the dishwasher, at this age.
They also like helping to load laundry in the washer & push clothes in the dryer as I take them out of the washer.

4-5 Years Old
Everything for 2-3 yr olds plus..
Set the table & clear the table
Help cook & prepare food
Carrying & putting away groceries
Help with laundry
Bring in the mail & Put mail in the box
Watering houseplants
Helping in the grocery store – kids can learn to choose produce, bag it, weigh it.. they can learn to comparison shop for prices and nutritional value.
Helping in the garden – my boys have been in the garden since they were in diapers. They are well aware of jobs to do out there.

6-8 Years Old
Everything above, plus
Help care for pets, feeding & watering
Dust with duster
Take out trash
Help with laundry & folding clothes
Load & Unload dishwasher
Adding items to our grocery list (It hangs on the wall in the kitchen).
Helping in the grocery store – At this age, kids can start making a grocery list of their needs (wants), and helping to shop for it, cut coupons for things they need/want, and can go back to get things you forgot or find items on their own.
Everything above, plus
Help wash the car
Help handwash dishes
Clean the bathroom
Operate washer & dryer
Help mow lawn -If you & they are comfortable with their ability.
Chopping Wood (If you have a fireplace). -If you & they are comfortable with their ability.
Helping to clean out the gutters – If you & they are comfortable with their ability.

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