Homemade Ornaments

This post is going to be ongoing. I’m simply going to update it as we make more homemade ornaments throughout the month. Instead of decorating our tree all at one time, we decided to put up our tree and then make ornaments, every couple days, to add to it.

1. Cinnamon Apple Scented Ornaments
You can find the Cinnamon Apple Scented Ornaments, here, with a printable recipe card.


2. Peanut Snowmen Ornaments
December 1st, we made Peanut Snowmen. We did this as a family. All you need are some unshelled peanuts, some acorn caps, wire, paint and yarn. Ours don’t quite look as great as the ones for sale, on etsy, but we had fun and they’re still totally cute!

3. Nature Dragons
We also made these dragon ornaments from things in our yard. We grow a garden, so we had plenty of dried ¬†green bean pods to use as the dragon bodies. Then we went out and chose cool autumn leaves for the wings. Paint the dragon’s body whatever color you like. Cut the tip from the leaf (this will be the end of the tail.) Glue the large part of the leaf to the “spine” of your green bean dragon and then glue the tip of the leaf to the stem of the leaf to complete the wings and tail.

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