Start A Garden 101

Hopefully, this little course I put together using internet resources will give you all the information you need to get started with your very own garden.

Simple Steps

1. Get in the “Zone.” Really!! Find out which ZONE you live in. This will help you as you try to determine when to start seeds indoors, outdoors and when to plant different types of plants.


2. Choose a spot for a plot! & Prepare Your Plot!
Next choose a spot for your garden. You’ll probably want to ensure you have a full-sun place for a variety of edible plants. Some will prefer or tolerate partial shade. So, if part of the garden is partial shade, it may still be OK.

Next, you should prepare your plot to become a garden!


3. Choose and purchase some seeds!

There are many more varieties of plants available as seeds than already sprouted plants. As a new gardener, you may want to start small and with varieties that are well known to be easier to grow! Check out these selections, for the beginning gardener.

Next, place your orders with a reputable seed supplier.

4. Check for the best times to start your seeds based on your location.

5. Learn how to start seeds

6. Check out 5 Gardening Basics for Beginners

7. Follow “Start A Garden 101” on Pinterest for ongoing information to advance and progress as a gardener!

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