Eating Time: Big River Grille & Brewery Works

Eating Time with J Bear


Eating pizza at Big River Grille
Eating pizza at Big River Grille

We went to Big River Grille & Brewery Works, in Chattanooga, to eat dinner. We ate outside on a bench. It was nice. There were friendly people. I chose a personal pepperoni pizza, which is made with hand-tossed pizza crust. The pizza was delicious! The crust was crunchy on the bottom and soft right where it should be. The cheese was stretchy and they didn’t add too much. It was a perfect pizza.

Eating Time Big River Grille Pizza
For dessert, I ordered a Key Lime Pie. The slice was huge enough to share with my whole family. The Key Lime Pie was very rich and sweet. I think it had a lot of sugar. It was super yummy.

Eating Time Big River Grille Key Lime Pie

My brother also ate the pizza. My mom and brother drank fresh brewed root beer because that’s their favorite soda. They both loved it. My mom ordered the British Fish & Chips which she also liked. Here’s a photo of her dinner.

Eating Time Big River Grille Fish and Chips

Other kids and their families would probably enjoy this restaurant. I give it 9 bites! (on a scale of 1-10 bites).

J Bear

3 thoughts on “Eating Time: Big River Grille & Brewery Works

  1. I love this! Well done J bear, I am really enjoying seeing your reviews, I wish I could visit the places you go to. That key lime pie looks yummy 🙂 Maybe you can use all your food critic-ing and use it to open your own restaurant when you are older! oh and by the way that definitely isn’t really how we have traditional fish and chips here in Britain, we have fish & chip shops, or ‘chippys’ as a lot of people call them. They are really popular, and they use fresh cut potatoes deep fried to make the chips so they are not like the Frozen French fries in America, they are bigger and more chunky potato, but oh so yummy! And they come wrapped in paper! We often have chip-shop-Fridays 🙂 next time we have it I will try to remember to take a photo for you! People often like them with mushy peas (which my boys think look like bogeys!) or curry sauce!

  2. Well J Bear, I think you may just have found your calling at an early age. I am very impressed! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next eating time with J Bear!

  3. Thanks for the recommendation. I think you could become a connoisseur of pizza! Develop a list of things that pizza MUST have to be the PERFECT pizza. Then use it as a checklist when you test various pizzas. I love how well you write. Keep it up!

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