Eating Time: The Blue Plate

Eating Time with J Bear


**No one under 21 allowed after 4 PM**

Eating Time: The Blue Plate

Today, we had breakfast at The Blue Plate in Chattanooga, TN. I ordered the Big Stack of Pancakes. It came with three very thick pancakes! I was surprised they were so big. They were excellent with the syrup and strawberry jam. The pancakes came with some delicious crispy bacon. I couldn’t eat it all, so I gave my leftovers to my brother.

Eating Time: The Blue Plate Pancakes

My mom ordered coffee, first. She was very happy and said the coffee was nice & strong, the way she likes.


My mom also ordered an omelette with cheese grits. She let me have a taste so I could tell my readers that it was all very delicious. I tasted the cheese grits until they were all gone.


A sign in the restaurant said noone under 21 allowed after 4pm. That’s ok, cause the breakfast was perfectly tasty. The waiter even gave my mom a special gift. The restaurant was clean and the bathrooms looked nice. The Blue Plate was a great start to our adventures for the day. I give it 8 bites, because I loved the breakfast but I can’t be there after 4pm.

J Bear

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  1. Thanks J Bear, next time I’m in Chattanooga I’ll be sure to stop for some grub at The Blue Plate!

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