National Wildlife Federation Wildlife Wrrk

Gear up for National Wildlife Week with Family Activities, Educational Resources and more


National Wildlife Federation Wildlife Wrrk

It’s the National Wildlife Federation’s annual, “National Wildlife Week!” (March 17-23, 2014). This year’s theme is water and we’ll be learning the importance of water for wildlife and humans, alike. How appropriate that my own photo, featuring a wild alligator mirrored in a stream, is on exhibit at Chattahoochee Nature Center! Time to gear up, with resources & activities, for this splendid week of discovering new wildlife and learning new things about the wildlife with which we are already familiar.

Photo by Candy Cook. Wild Alligator Mirror.Candy Cook’s “Wild Alligator Mirror,” photographed in Big Cypress National Preserve

From the National Wildlife Federation Website:

National Wildlife Week is National Wildlife Federation’s longest-running education program designed around teaching and connecting kids to the awesome wonders of wildlife. Each year, we pick a theme and provide fun and informative educational materials, curriculum and activities for educators and caregivers to use with kids.

The NWF is providing some really neat stuff to help connect us to wildlife and understand the important role that water plays in all of our lives. Some of the educational resources, available to anyone; include a webinar to help educators prepare, cool posters, lessons, activities, fact sheets, diagrams, and a list of current Citizen Science projects for you to engage your learners! The Family Fun will help you explore these topics with your children through indoor and outdoor activities like hiking, birdwatching, observing wildlife, games, puzzles and experiments.  There’s also an event listing to help you connect with others, in your community, who are concerned and learning what they can do to help.

Visit the National Wildlife Federation’s, “National Wildlife Week,” page and help spread the word among your friends and neighbors.



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