The Homeschool Happy

The Homeschool Happy – March 16, 2014

The Homeschool Happy

The Homeschool Happy is an irregularly scheduled program, here on Long Live Learning. It's a collection of my own favorite findings from the past day, week, maybe even month. It's irregular, because it's homeschool! I never know when I'm really going to have the time to update this. But, it's something I wanted to do. Hope you enjoy this week's "The Homeschool Happy."

  • Did you know Gaming? 
    I stumbled upon this site, this morning actually. I've already watched "The Science of Pokemon," video. Did you know that there have been at least 2 scientific discoveries named after Pokemon? Did you also know that some of the Pokemon are based on real animals and on scientific errors? This site has videos and tidbits that show us the real history and science and interesting behind the scenes facts of video games.

  • FREE SAMPLE of Home Educating Magazine
    Discover for yourself the first-rate graphic design and culturally relevant articles that make Home Educating Family Magazine (HEFM) the most popular homeschool magazine on the market.

  • 5 Things Every New Homeschool Mom Must Know
    You are out there — moms who have made a decision to homeschool — and you are not alone. Some of you agonize over it for weeks and months, a few have to make a rush decision because of a bad situation at school.

  • Postcards from Camp Granola: Status Quo
    Just when you relax a little and you think you’ve got this parenting thing sort of figured out, they throw you for a loop. As a result, I’ve learned it’s best not to try to plan too far ahead but to give them, and myself, room to move with what life and each stage brings.

  • Hiking with Toddlers: Tips to keep everyone happy on the trail
    Sure Bergen already loves to hike, but that didn’t happen over night, and it doesn’t mean we are always moving along the trail at our desired pace.  From our experiences, we have some insights to pass along: 10 tips we’ve picked up as we put in the time and logged the miles with our toddler by our side.  That is, of course when he’s not running off or we’re not stuck waiting for him to stuff one last rock into his pocket!

  • #1 way to improve your life: Spend time in nature!
    TIME Magazine reports that the number one way to improve your life is to spend time in nature. There are some other suggestions as well. Exercise, Spend time with friends and family, Challenge yourself.... What is your homeschool family doing to improve life?

  • What does REAL learning look like? 
    I am so very grateful for the place we find ourselves in now.  Homeschooling has truly become a way of life, not a chore and not “school at home”.  We have just enough structure to satisfy my public school raised alter ego, and enough freedom that I feel we are really creating independent, intellectually curious young people. - via Connect The Thoughts


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