The Homeschool Happy

The Homeschool Happy – March 23, 2014

The Homeschool Happy


The Homeschool Happy is an irregularly scheduled program, here on Long Live Learning. It’s a collection of my own favorite findings from the past day, week, maybe even month. It’s irregular, because it’s homeschool! I never know when I’m really going to have the time to update this. But, it’s something I wanted to do. Hope you enjoy this week’s “The Homeschool Happy.”

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a week since I made my first, “Homeschool Happy,” post. But, it has. Here’s this week’s edition.

  • While, “Spring Break,” may differ in definition for the wide variety of homeschool families, GoExploreNature has a list of 50 ways to explore nature during spring. Follow on Twitter.
  • The Histocrats, “It’s Elementary!” Pinterest Board is a growing collection of Social Studies and History related resources for use in helping your kids learn about different time periods and people in history. My oldest son has long has fascinations with different historical figures and eras. Here’s a board to follow to have apps, websites, book suggestions, games and more for whenever those random fascinations strike! Follow Histocrats on Twitter.
  • From Chasqui Mom, a share of Celebrating Kids’ Birthdays Outdoors. This one interested me because we have taken my youngest son camping for his birthday every year since he was two years old. It’s been one of our family’s most treasured traditions. Follow on Twitter.
  • On Balancing Mama, Staycations are the topic. New homeschoolers should become acquainted with the idea of staycations because it seems like we’re permanent tourists in our own little corners of the world. Here are some tips for having a fun staycation.
  • Spring is springing up, everywhere. Naturally, people are going to be getting out more wearing less clothing as the weather heats up. So, here’s a quick lesson about avoiding ticks and what to do if you find a tick on your kid!
  • Outside Magazine encouraging adventurers, who happen to become parents, to keep exploring as usual.
    “How do I raise an active kid while still doing all the stuff I love? So we started asking around. Among other surprising truths, here’s what we learned: Hauling two babies on a Third World sojourn isn’t (necessarily) insane.”

That’s it for this week!

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